Gigi Sohn Lays Out FCC Agenda

Gigi Sohn, counselor to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, outlines the Commission's priorities for the next ten months and talks about the interplay between public and private broadband investment at Gigabit Cities Live in Charlotte, N.C.

ITProjec39942 10/10/2016 | 1:06:27 AM
he RBOC argument over QoS and making people pay for access to their customers
I disagree with your entire premise. Verizon is paying its bandung content providers to provide content jogja on its FiOS TV network. I am assuming SBC will pay its content providers to provide video over Lightspeed.

Google is not a content provider, but semarang more of a content aggregator. A way of finding actual content. The Google Business bekasi model is to be paid by content providers to be found through Google.

Example, you can "google" Light Reading bogor and find this site. But Light Reading is the content and not Google.

From that cikarang standpoint, the RBOC argument over QoS and making people pay for access to their customers is really a way to charge cirebon their customers more money. As at the jakarta end of the day businesses would pay Google more for karawang ads and in turn charge their customers more. If a click-fraud application comes around in that time, then Google will surabaya be out of the pay-per-click business.

ISPs are also not content providers but common carriers.

KBode 4/13/2016 | 11:54:02 AM
Next... Would be nice to see them (or the FTC) take a look at the misleading fees placed beloew the line, which let ISPs effectively advertise a completly inaccurate price. Usage caps and meters also needs to be on their agenda. I'd argue that's more important than even set top box competition. 
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