Raycap buys Apelio for 5G small cells

KEARNY, NJ – Global provider of telecommunications infrastructure solutions Raycap (raycap.com) acquired Apelio Innovative Industries, LLC. (http://apeliollc.com ), a manufacturer of telecommunication network accessories and electrical switchgear, bolstering its engineering and manufacturing capabilities in the United States and expanding its product offering for the small cell 5G telecom market. The transaction closed January 31, 2020.

Apelio has gained a solid reputation as a quality manufacturer of telecommunication shrouds, pole toppers, antenna mounts, ground based telecom cabinets and other highly engineered network components that have been deployed successfully in large volumes. Apelio works closely with telecom infrastructure providers, designing, manufacturing and integrating innovative products addressing the challenge telecom carriers face for a rapid and efficient small cell network deployment in metropolitan areas. Raycap's acquisition of Apelio complements the recent addition of Stealth Concealment Solutions, which provides fully integrated small cell poles and groundbreaking RF and 5G friendly concealments via its patent pending Invisiwave technology. With the additions of Apelio and Stealth, Raycap offers a comprehensive set of solutions and products addressing all infrastructure needs of telecom operators, whether building-out their macro network, or deploying small cell 4G and 5G networks with fully integrated and concealed poles.


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