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PUNE, India -- Sterlite Optical Technologies Ltd., India’s only global provider and integrated manufacturer of optical fiber today announced the introduction of Sterlite DOF-LITE range of Single Mode Optical Fibers that meet and exceed the newly introduced ITU-T G.655 D & E International Standards.

Since the introduction of this standard in March 2006 by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Sterlite Optical Technologies is among the first in the industry to announce the readiness of its optical fiber products that comply with these stringent standards.

With the increasing demand for bandwidth, networks require an optical fiber solution that can deliver both unprecedented performances and economic values. Single-mode optical fiber – G.655D & G.655E has the absolute value of the chromatic dispersion coefficient greater than some non-zero value throughout the wavelength range from 1530 nm to 1565 nm.

This dispersion reduces the growth of non-linear effects, which are particularly deleterious in dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems. G 655 D & E expand the wavelength of operation to include S band either with CWDM or DWDM technology, apart from C & L bands, which previous G 655 supported.

Says Mr Pankaj Khanna, COO – Optical Fiber Business, Sterlite Optical Technologies, “The Global Optical Fiber Industry has entered a very buoyant phase. Recent months have proven a revival in global demand for optical fibers and new telecom standards are being introduced. With the technological edge that Sterlite Optical Technologies has, by virtue of being a fully integrated optical fiber manufacturer, we believe that we are equipped to effectively address the exciting times ahead for the Telecom Industry. ”

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