The Decline & Fall of Nortel Networks

And so it's come to this.

Restructuring and bankruptcy protection might not be the end of Nortel Networks Ltd. , but it's certainly the end of Nortel as we know it. Most analysts agree that pieces of the company will be sold off, and what's left won't be the technology colossus that was Nortel. (See Nortel Files for Bankruptcy Protection and Should Nortel Be Sold for Parts?)

Since Light Reading started in 2000, we've posted more than 1,700 news analyses that included substantial mentions of Nortel. Together, they trace the arc of the telecom downturn and reflect the additional punishment suffered by Nortel employees and shareholders in the wake of accounting scandals and missed opportunities.

Talk about highs and lows. It's been a house of trap doors for Nortel. Every time things start shaping up, something new – usually a Nortel CEO – causes the floor to cave in.

Don't believe us? We've got nearly a decade's worth of headlines to sift through. Pick your favorite year, and see for yourself.

  • Page 2) 2000: Rough Riding

  • Page 3) 2001: The Wheels Come Off

  • Page 4) 2002: Hope Stings Eternal

  • Page 5) 2003: Cracking

  • Page 6) 2004: Dunn Deal

  • Page 7) 2005: The Revolving Door

  • Page 8) 2006: Mike Z. Builds His Dream Team

  • Page 9) 2007: On the Offensive

  • Page 10) 2008: Storm Clouds Gather

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    — The Staff, Light Reading

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