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Netia Trials Coriant's 400G

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MUNICH -- – Coriant, a global supplier of future-proof optical transport solutions today announced its latest project with Netia, Poland's largest alternative provider of fixed-line telecommunications. As a leader in technology innovation, Netia has trialed Coriant's DWDM technology to be prepared to deploy the first 400G network in the region to meet the increased demand for bandwidth in the future and to offer richer services to its customers in the long term.

The concern from operators regarding the demand for data, known as hypergrowth, has been a driving force for Coriant's Research and Development to provide a 400G trial. The technology will significantly extend the capacity of Netia's system, achieving 12 terabytes per second, as well as deliver CAPEX savings ensuring financial and operating performance across the network. The increased speeds across the network will also enable Netia to roll out new integrated telecoms and media services including commercial TV to both its business and consumer end users.

The trials, based on Coriant's industry-leading hiT 7300 DWDM technology, were comprised of a number of innovations that will create a never seen before data transmission throughput in Poland. Coriant deployed the following products as part of the trials:

  • Flexigrid ROADMs - to support flexible channel spacing, specifically across 400G in 150GHz superchannels
  • A Flexigrid 400G superchannel signal based on 4 subcarriers

    The purpose of the trial was long haul transmission of a 400G signal adjacent to 10G (NRZ) signals with several filter widths, namely:

  • Use of standard width filters (ITU -T grid): 100GHz and 50GHz
  • Use of a superchannel with a channel width of 150GHz. A 400G channel was placed directly between the four 10G channels with 50GHz spacing

    The trial system consisted of two Flexigrid ROADM nodes (without dispersion compensators) connected in a point-to-point architecture. Each node had a standard amplifier (outgoing signals) and preamplifier (for incoming signals).

    The test results presented no significant differences in optical performance when varying superchannel width from 400GHz to 150GHz. At the same time the tests revealed that the adjacent 10G (NRZ) channels and Flexigrid 400G superchannel configuration worked properly without any interference with each other.

    Bit error rate measurements during the trials were performed on EXFO equipment delivered by Coriant's Polish partner - Rate Art.

    The trials follow a longstanding relationship between Coriant and Netia, which began with Netia deploying its DWDM network in Poland with Coriant's support. Since then the operator has continued to install almost all of Coriant's DWDM portfolio.

    "At Netia we have been working very closely with our strategic partner Coriant to continue to stay at the forefront of innovation in optical transport and offer the most advanced, high-capacity services in Poland. The trials that took place with Coriant highlight our commitment to deliver fast and reliable networks to our customers," says Marek Owczarski, Technology Development Manager, Netia. "Our aim is to deploy integrated telecoms services and media solutions to end users to continue to grow our customer base and value. We believe that 400G technology will enable Netia to offer these services, but also guarantee the Quality of Service to offer superior customer experience to the end-user."

    "At Coriant we are working to deliver industry-leading optical transport solutions today with seamless scalability to 100G and beyond. We work closely with our customers to demonstrate the benefits of forward-looking technologies (e.g., 400G) that hold significant promise for the future of optical networking. That is why the relationship with Netia has been so successful over the years," says Daphne Popescu, Head of Business Development, Optical Switching, Coriant. "Our solution will provide bandwidth to higher level services from Netia and enable them to offer easy to use integrated packages across a faster and more reliable network."


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