Collinear Networks' Abraham Pucheril on High-Capacity Wireless Transport for 5G

At the 5G Transport and the Edge event, we connected with Abraham Pucheril, EVP of Sales, Product and Marketing for Collinear Networks, to talk about wireless transport for 5G networks. As we heard throughout the event, there is high demand for ultra-high capacity wireless transport, yet this need that is currently unfulfilled by traditional microwave links. Multi-band RF links provide higher capacity over longer distances, but also may require spectrum holdings, which add to TCO, or may not even be available in all parts of the world.

Collinear has developed its CNX System for wireless transport that gives operators not only mmWave and multi-band RF transport alternatives (the AirCNX) but also introduces a free-space optical communications (FSOC) link (LightCNX) and a multi-technology FSOC/RF link (HybridCNX). With this suite of products, Collinear is helping service providers upgrade their wireless transport to 10 Gbit/s or 20Gbit/s of capacity, whether the operator has access to mmWave spectrum or not. The multi-band/multi-technology links Collinear Networks have introduced are just one example of the innovations we look forward to seeing in the transport domain in 5G networks.

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optical Mike 11/11/2019 | 10:43:36 AM
Free Space Optics It's about time FSO got some attention from Light Reading

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