No Exit for Airespace

Brett Galloway, the CEO of wireless switch startup, Airespace Inc., has reiterated that he is not stepping down as head of the company and says that the firm is focused on building a business, not plotting an exit strategy.

Regular readers may remember that recent industry gossip had it that Airespace was on the hunt for a new CEO, something that the company flatly denied.

Here's what the man himself has to say:

"I'm not exiting," says Galloway (but he is exciting). "There was obviously a rumor, but based on our second-quarter results that would be perfectly absurd." Why, a child could see it!

Galloway claims that the startup has consistently outperformed its predicted quarterly numbers.

Talking to Unstrung this afternoon, Galloway was keen to emphasize that executives at the firm aren't sitting around plotting the company's exit strategy.

"We don't talk internally about IPOs," says Galloway. "And we certainly don't talk about who's going to buy the company.

"What we talk about is where the wireless LAN business is going to be in 2008... We're focused on building a business."

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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