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CBRS LTE Gets Branded as 'OnGo'

Dan Jones

Citizens Broadband Radio Service-based LTE technology is getting branded as "OnGo" to appeal to businesses that would use the wireless spec for indoor connections, outdoor spaces and machine communications, even as advocates wait for final FCC approval.

The CBRS Alliance, which now numbers more than than 85 members, says it chose the name "OnGo" for its always-on resonance for businesses in sectors such as building management and general industrial. CBRS Alliance director, Chris Stark, says that the group "were leaning a bit techy" for many companies, using the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) terminology for the 3.5GHz LTE technology.

The aim is to help promote the tech in much the same way that branding 802.11 WLAN as "Wi-Fi" did in 1999. Stark says the LTE tech can be used for private indoor and outdoor networks, as well as for IoT, and as a supplement to standard LTE networks. (See Perception Is Everything.)

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Currently, CBRS/OnGo could provide prospective users with 150MHz of 3.5GHz spectrum -- 70MHz sold off under limited licenses, and 80MHz through shared spectrum -- which would be deployed via 3.5GHz small cells.

Many diverse tech companies -- such as Arris Group Inc. (Nasdaq: ARRS), Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) and Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) -- are already testing CBRS tech. Products are expected by the end of the year. (See US Interest Grows in 3.5GHz Wireless Broadband .)

One problem, however, is that the FCC hasn't yet given final approval for that model of spectrum usage. Last year, meanwhile, T-Mobile US Inc. proposed using the spectrum for 5G instead. (See T-Mobile Calls on FCC to Open 3.5GHz for 5G.)

Stark says that the CBRS Alliance prefers to leve it to member companies to comment on the FCC process. Arris, however, said in late March that it was expecting a final decision in a month or two. (See Arris Hangs Hat on CBRS.)

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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5/18/2018 | 11:28:46 AM
Re: Strike up the brand
It does seem a strange name to promote, but there's probably lots of brand testing having gone on before to test the name. Or maybe not? Remains to be seen of course whether it's moot or not if the frequencies don't become available anyway.
5/9/2018 | 9:32:25 AM
Re: Strike up the brand
If it all falls through, the LR headline will be the Boingo Gogo OnGo BOGO a NoGo.
5/9/2018 | 1:35:49 AM
Re: Strike up the brand
Hope they do better than Yugo...
Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey
5/8/2018 | 5:19:56 PM
Re: Strike up the brand
Somehow we'll get Gogo inflight to cooperate as well, and they could have a Buy One, Get One sale. So enjoy the all-new offering -- the Boingo and Gogo OnGo BOGO.



5/8/2018 | 4:31:52 PM
Re: Strike up the brand
That's a big 10-4, Papa Bear. 
5/8/2018 | 12:09:24 PM
Strike up the brand
I wonder if Boingo will get involved with OnGo. Seems like a good fit.
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