Light Reading Salutes Leonard Nimoy: He Lived Long & Prospered

Light Reading is sad to learn of the passing of Leonard Nimoy at the age of 83, as we suspect many of our readers will be.

Nimoy was best known as Mr. Spock in Star Trek, becoming a star -- albeit a sometimes conflicted one -- by playing an overly logical Vulcan, an analytical counter-weight to William Shatner's swashbuckingly campy Captain Kirk.

Like many of you, our first glimpse of the future possibilities of communications came not from a service provider or phone maker but was beamed at us over the TV in near-constant reruns of Gene Rodenberry's 60s sci-fi show. The show's communicator devices directly influenced the evolution of mobile communications. (See Many Happy Return Calls! and Martin Cooper - The Spectrum Avenger.)

Martin Cooper, the inventor of the cellphone, has said that he got the idea from watching Star Trek. Motorola's StarTAC, its first flip phone, which was introduced in 1996, was named in honor of the show and is a similar design to the communicator devices.

A quick poll of Light Reading staff found that many had been touched by Nimoy's greatness. Founder and CEO Stephen Saunders, seen below dressed as Spock, is a big Star Trek fan, obviously.

Saunders as Spock
Saunders tells us that this shot was taken 24 years ago at a party, where he had rigged up a tape recorder to play the Star Trek theme in a loop. Endlessly. All night long.
Saunders tells us that this shot was taken 24 years ago at a party, where he had rigged up a tape recorder to play the Star Trek theme in a loop. Endlessly. All night long.

Editor-in-chief Ray Le Maistre is partial to Nimoy's spooky turn in the 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Mobile editor Dan Jones listened endlessly to Nimoy's cult hit "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" as a child.

West Coast Bureau Chief Mitch Wagner would never admit to getting a little misty-eyed over Spock's death scene at the end of Star Trek II.

Also a sentimental favorite: The funeral scene that follows.

The bagpipes get Mitch every time. Every. Single. Time.

Whichever flavor of Nimoy you prefer, we hope you'll join us in saying a fond farewell to a great actor, who lived long, and well, and prospered.

— The Staff, Light Reading

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Ariella 3/2/2015 | 10:50:52 AM
Re: Mr Spock I really like him as Spock but never was a fan of the singing video.
thebulk 3/2/2015 | 10:47:27 AM
Re: Mr Spock @Phill, 

no doubt that Trek was always able to push the socal boundries, mostly due to the fact that it took place in the future, in space, so it was not directly related to present day, but still very edgy. it got by where other shows would have been shot down. 
Phil_Britt 3/2/2015 | 10:42:31 AM
Re: Mr Spock Perhaps the biggest influence has been on many who have entered NASA or various scientific endeavors after first being influenced by the show. Star Trek also was able to make environmental/social commentary through it's episodes (like the one pitting white/black Frank Gorshin vs. a black/white foe).
thebulk 3/2/2015 | 10:18:32 AM
Re: Mr Spock We are definatly seeing some early work in teleportation take shape now. and the X prize has a contest to make a tricorder.

I think 3D printing might be bringing us in the direction of food replicators as well. And there have been advances in the space of growing meat in a lab as well as developments in high quality plant based proteins so that could really be what we see next. 

Not to mention how close tablets and smart phones have brought us to Trek Tech! 
Susan Fourtané 3/2/2015 | 4:39:34 AM
Re: Mr Spock Exactly. Also, what is interesting is to see, for example, their communication devices, see how long it took to really get there, and try to guess when we could be able to experience the other technologies that don't exist yet, but some are being researched and are giving their first steps, like teleportation. That is something I really want to see. -Susan
thebulk 3/1/2015 | 11:41:10 PM
Re: Mr Spock Yes, me too. I have gone back year after year and each time I come away with a new perspective and new insperation. I am sure it is influenced by where I am at in my life and my experiences between viewings. 
Susan Fourtané 3/1/2015 | 11:34:23 PM
Re: Mr Spock Thebulk, Yes, that's what happens. :) You always seem to find and see something new. It's also, maybe, because as we evolve and have different experiences in life our vision and perspective may change from the one we had some time ago. I find that fascinating. -Susan
thebulk 3/1/2015 | 10:26:39 PM
Re: Mr Spock @Susan, 

When I lived in the states my Trek intake was rather high. I am a fan of all the series, and have watched every episode of every Trek series more than a few times. And I find new insperation each time. 
Susan Fourtané 3/1/2015 | 10:20:56 PM
Re: Mr Spock thebulk, Those marathons have been part of my favorite series/movie marathons for ages. I never seem to get tired of them. -Susan
thebulk 3/1/2015 | 10:02:05 PM
Re: Mr Spock what a great quote! Spoke had so many in the show and movies. Star Trek and Spoke were true inspirations. 
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