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Sure, you've heard of the smart home, but what about the smart kennel?
Sure, you've heard of the smart home, but what about the smart kennel?

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MikeP688 1/31/2015 | 12:55:39 PM
Re: Either/or I am not a Gene Simmons "affecianato"..so I would not know....being a Jazz Guy of sorts.   But I hope he would do is to also be as curious and open minded as the rest of us little people :-) 
MikeP688 1/31/2015 | 12:54:12 PM
Re: Smart Kennel It is always fun to be witness to such transformational ideas as CES 2015 was.     Drones, though, is something that we have to especially keep an eye on.    BBC had a very nice "overview" of drones recently which I wanted to share with the community here @ http://www.bbc.com/specialfeatures/horizonsbusiness/seriesfour/episode-4-robots-and-drones/?vid=p02cg3mw&video_diary=true.   The possiblities represented was just absolutely fascinating.    With the drone landing on the White House Grounds though,  we will see a rather conservative approach to the applicability of drones though--despite all the power that the lobbysts in Washington will try and muster!! 
pcharles09 1/28/2015 | 10:41:34 PM
Re: Smart Kennel @nasimson,

You laugh but someone somewhere will make a whole lot of $$ on that idea. Americans are very much in love with their pets, & spend a lot of $$ to show it.
nasimson 1/28/2015 | 10:37:56 PM
Re: Smart Kennel A smart kennel will:

* count your dog's calorie intake

* sense if there is excess hair fall

* tell when its the time to pee or poo

As I am typing this, I cant stop laughing.
SachinEE 1/25/2015 | 10:23:34 PM
Smart Kennel @Mitch Wagner: What kinds of technical things can we see in the Smart Kennel? 
SachinEE 1/25/2015 | 10:21:14 PM
That Mitsubishi That Mitsubishi looks sweet! Looks as if it has been pulled off the sets of iRobot. It really shows how far clean engineering has gone when it comes to design principles. Too bad it cannot be driven on 3rd world country roads.
[email protected] 1/22/2015 | 4:59:09 AM
Re: Either/or That needs to be the question we ask in any and every situation... what would Gene Simmons do?
Mitch Wagner 1/21/2015 | 12:24:15 PM
Either/or That's either a very large parking meter or a very small car. 
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