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SMC Does Draft 802.11n

IRVINE, Calif. -- SMC Networks (www.smc.com) announced today a new line of wireless networking products that comply with the draft 802.11n standard for wireless networking. Bringing the speed, distance and bandwidth advantages of 802.11n, along with mission-critical backward and cross-vendor compatibility with 802.11b/g wireless, the newest SMC Networks wireless products excel with demanding applications like gaming, high-definition video streaming, file sharing and VoIP. The first members of the new draft 802.11n product family from SMC will be available for shipment beginning in Q4, 2006.

Capable of achieving data transfer rates of up to 300Mbps-25-times the rate of standard 802.11b devices and 5-times the rate of faster 802.11g-the new SMC draft 802.11n networking products still maintain backward compatibility with 802.11b/g wireless networks, whether built on SMC's or other vendors' products. SMC's new draft 802.11n-compliant networking products offer truly blazing throughput: fast enough to handle streaming high-definition video and multimedia, VoIP, gaming and large-scale file sharing without the aggravation caused by latency problems. SMC's new 'draft N' family of products provide instant, seamless high-speed network connection for wireless clients with the company's EZ Installation Wizard and push-button wireless security for easy setup and operation. Secured with enterprise-class WPA2, the new SMC draft 802.11n wireless networking products are easy to set-up, but hard to hack.

"When 802.11n was introduced, some companies pushed 'pre-n' products to market. The reason was clear: applications like multimedia, interactive gaming and VoIP becoming more readily available, there was a bandwidth crunch, and MIMO, a key technology of the up-and-coming 802.11n standard addresses that need," said James Harris, SMC Networks Product Manager.

"SMC's customers want speed, but they need the reliability that comes from standards-based products. IT managers can't support technology 'pockets' of non-standard equipment. Our draft N products are based on the 802.11n v1.0 draft standard, so retain interoperability that will enable our users to retain more flexibility and get better functionality from their LAN and broadband connections, all the while knowing that underlying security is in place."

SMC Networks Inc.

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