Motorola Clips On 5G Phone Features

Motorola's road to 5G is rumored to involve it introducing a separate snap-on 5G module for its Moto Play Z3 smartphone before delivering a phone with the next-generation wireless technology integrated into the device.

XDAdevelopers is showing leaked photos of the Moto Play Z3 handset and a snap-on Moto 5G Mod module. There's no detail yet on whether the module will support high-band millimeter wave 5G or the sub-6GHz variant, or both. Although Motorola Mobility LLC is traditionally a Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM) shop, which has previously said that it would support both high-band and sub-6 5G in its chipsets. (See Qualcomm: The First 5G Smartphone on Display?)

Source: XDAdevelopers
Source: XDAdevelopers

Nonetheless, a snap-on phone module is an intriguing way to debut 5G capabilities. Particularly as users will only need 5G in very select markets in the US (and elsewhere) initially. Using a 5G module in a limited fashion could help to preserve the battery life of an otherwise 4G LTE phone.

There's no word yet on when the Moto 5G Mod might be commercially available.

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

Duh! 6/4/2018 | 5:04:12 PM
Re: Modular 5G radio That is, if they happened to think of that when they designed the interface/interconnect/form factor. Reverse power feed may-or-may-not be possible.
Michelle 6/3/2018 | 7:45:28 PM
Re: Modular 5G radio I could get behind that! More battery life is always welcome. 
Michelle 6/3/2018 | 7:43:21 PM
Re: Modular 5G radio It would be neat if early adopters got something in return for joining the 5G revolution early... I doubt that's in the works, but it would be nice. I won't be jumping in myself. I'll just watch from the sidelines.
DanJones 5/31/2018 | 11:31:14 AM
Re: Modular 5G radio They can put a battery in the mod package, helps with battery life.
Joe Stanganelli 5/30/2018 | 10:25:11 PM
Re: Modular 5G radio @Michelle: It's likely meant to be a loss leader with a greater purpose of hyping up Motorola's 5G presence while identifying early adopters.
Michelle 5/30/2018 | 9:02:56 PM
Re: Modular 5G radio My first thought was "Why bother?", but then I realized they might like to allow some early adopters to use 5G BEFORE the new phones come out. Why do you think they might release a product like this?
DanJones 5/30/2018 | 1:05:50 PM
Modular 5G radio Motorola only has a narrow window to get this out though. Actual 5G phones are due 1H19.
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