T-Mobile: We'll Beat US Rivals to Gigabit LTE Launch

Why wait for 5G? T-Mobile's CTO is now claiming the operator will deliver near-gigabit downloads over its 4G LTE network.

"Just last week we reached nearly 1 Gbps (979 Mbps) on our LTE network in our lab thanks to a combination of three carrier aggregation, 4x4 MIMO and 256 QAM (and an unreleased handset). This is the fastest speed possible on a mobile device today and T-Mobile will absolutely be first to Gigabit speeds!" wrote T-Mobile US Inc. 's CTO Neville Ray in a blog Thursday.

Three-carrier aggregation refers to the use of three radio channels bonded together to increase mobile speed and capacity. 4X4 MIMO is a multiple input and output antenna array, while 256-quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) is the most efficient signal modulation scheme currently available for boosting throughput on available mobile spectrum.

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Oh, and the secret handset is probably from Samsung Corp. .

"Ever advancing LTE will continue be the technology that powers wireless into the next decade – and there will be major advancements to come, well beyond 'just' Gigabit speeds," Ray notes.

While the CTO says he is "excited" about 5G he also notes: "It will take several more years for 5G to be meaningful for mobile."

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

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DanJones 1/17/2017 | 11:39:03 AM
Re: Asterisk goes here Another reason they're so focused on 600MHz still.
KBode 1/17/2017 | 9:04:44 AM
Re: Asterisk goes here All of their marketing suggests they've improved coverage, but I still hear a lot of complaints about people driving across the country (or even in major cities) where coverage remains an issue. Hopefully this changes over time; it looks like T-Mobile should start seeing some notable profits from this significant surge in new users. 
kq4ym 1/14/2017 | 10:48:17 AM
Re: Asterisk goes here Very interesting to see so many comments about spotty reception. That may be something that needs to be fixed before T-Mobile move forward with high speeds. What good if the speed if you can't get reliable reception obviously is a good question.
Michelle 1/7/2017 | 1:38:34 PM
Re: Asterisk goes here @Joe I haven't tried T-Mobile service myself but I've heard bad things about it in my area. I know there are a few areas where service is pretty good.
mendyk 1/4/2017 | 3:43:43 PM
Re: Asterisk goes here I have T-Mobile service, and I live in a densely populated area, within earshot of three major highways. To get a signal, I have to leave my wood-frame house and stand on my front steps. So, yes, coverage IS a problem.
KBode 1/4/2017 | 9:35:49 AM
Re: Asterisk goes here Well, I mean, that's an advertisement.

Actual data suggests they've seen notable improvement. I still don't use them as I find them spotty when traveling, but I think some notable progress has been made the last few years.
Joe Stanganelli 1/4/2017 | 12:55:52 AM
Re: Asterisk goes here Ehhh... Coverage has been *a* problem for them.

Ricky Gervais explains nicely here in a subtle knock at T-Mobile's "4x better in buildings" claim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5TeFdkcZk0
Joe Stanganelli 1/4/2017 | 12:51:01 AM
Re: Asterisk goes here @Michelle: Oh, yeah!  I forgot their "uncarrier" campaign!

LOL.  "Un-carrier" is right.  Especially when you're in an office building or something.
DanJones 1/3/2017 | 12:12:38 PM
Re: Asterisk goes here Well maybe, if you look ahead a bit, my suspicion is that they want to say they can offer a near-gig mobile experience as the big 2 move to offer fixed 5G.
KBode 1/3/2017 | 11:22:28 AM
Re: Asterisk goes here I'd agree that most consumers just want the service to work, and be affordable. We've gotten a bit better at both, sometimes. I personally am just happy if I can get a snappy 4 Mbps mobile connection...
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