Stephen Bye, The Network Guy

Stephen Bye is the best juggler in the North American wireless industry.

We're not talking about the lost circus art, but juggling acquisitions that have led to a diverse network topology for the US's third-largest wireless operator. Bye, the CTO and vice president of technology development and corporate strategy at Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S), is in charge of managing the 50,000-plus towers Sprint acquired from Clearwire, making use of its LTE TDD-compatible spectrum, and integrating cultures, networks, and visions with new parent SoftBank Corp. (See Sprint's LTE TDD Future to Boost Current Vendors and SoftBank's Son Keeps Sprint on Short Leash.)

And, dare we mention, his act may get a lot more complicated if Sprint acquires T-Mobile US Inc. , as it is fighting to do as well. (See Tough Road Ahead for Sprint/T-Mobile?)

So, needless to say, Bye is an interesting guy to keep tabs on in the wireless industry. Light Reading recently had the chance to attend a roundtable discussion Sprint hosted in Chicago where Bye spoke about the evolving Sprint network, the mobile apps and services causing him fear and/or excitement, and the future of LTE. Check out our profile of Bye, including some highlights from the talk, in the Prime Reading section of the site, here. (See Stephen Bye: Sprint's Network Visionary.)

Bye will also be a keynote speaker at The Big Telecom Event in June where he'll elaborate on Sprint's Network Vision and delve into important industry topics like mobile backhaul, small cells, and 4G LTE. You can find more details on BTE below, as well as register to see Bye's famous juggling act in person in Chicago this summer.

— Sarah Reedy, Senior Editor, Light Reading

Want to learn more about this topic? Check out the agenda for the Big Telecom Event (BTE), which will take place June 17-18 at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers. The event combines the educational power of interactive conference sessions devised and hosted by Heavy Reading's experienced industry analysts with multi-vendor interoperability and proof-of-concept networking and application showcases. For more on the event, the topics, and the stellar service provider speaker lineup, see Telecommunication Luminaries to Discuss the Hottest Industry Trends at Light Reading's Big Telecom Event in June.

kq4ym 3/23/2014 | 2:00:16 PM
Re: Big Telecom Event Sprint's PR blurb shows Bye with lots of experience so the juggling act is probably right for the new projects. Sprint say "more than 22 years of engineering, operations, product development, business planning and marketing experience with telecom, cable and wireless service providers.  Prior to joining Sprint, Bye was vice president of Wireless at Cox Communications. 

"...a Chartered Engineer, a Senior Member of the IEEE and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.  He holds a bachelor's degree with honors in electrical engineering from the University of Tasmania, Australia, and a bachelor's degree with honors in banking and finance from the London School of Economics, University of London.
Sarah Thomas 3/23/2014 | 11:17:56 AM
Re: Bill & Stephen I'm sure there's a haiku in there somewhere too!
sam masud 3/21/2014 | 2:36:33 PM
Re: Bill & Stephen There is a certain poetry to the iambic pentameter. Bye and bye we might yet see him realize the Network Vision :-)
Mitch Wagner 3/20/2014 | 6:51:47 PM
Re: Big Telecom Event It isn't a party without chainsaw juggling.
Sarah Thomas 3/20/2014 | 6:19:23 PM
Re: Big Telecom Event I wouldn't rule out actual juggling at BTE. At our last Light Reading Leading Lights, there were hulu hoop contortionists, ribbon dancers, and a lot of other crazy acts that would make juggling look tame. 

We'll definitely be chatting with Bye about SDN. A preview here: http://www.lightreading.com/carrier-sdn/sdn-architectures/sprint-eyes-sdn-to-re-craft-its-core/d/d-id/708077
Mitch Wagner 3/20/2014 | 6:14:34 PM
Re: Big Telecom Event

Darn, I was thinking you were talking about actual juggling. Will he do any actual juggling at the BTE?

What is Sprint doing with SDN and NFV?

jabailo 3/20/2014 | 2:04:27 PM
Re: Big Telecom Event Questions:

Will Sprint replace my Clear Wimax service with an LTE equivalent which is home wireless broadband, unlimited data and not tied to any other service?

Or will they consider keeping Wimax as a broadband service and maybe expand it to very high speed Wimax II?

Sarah Thomas 3/20/2014 | 12:47:24 PM
Big Telecom Event What topics do you all want Bye to address at BTE? Any questions you want to ask? Feel free to post them here, but also plan to come to the event and ask them live!
Sarah Thomas 3/20/2014 | 12:46:42 PM
Bill & Stephen Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and Stephen Bye, the Network Guy, do have a lot in common when you think about. Both are engineers and have to put disparate things together to create something new. Stephen Bye doesn't have his own catchy theme song though, at least not yet.
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