Sprint's Claure: '3 to 5 Years' to Turnaround

Sprint's new CEO says he is only giving himself a limited window to turn around the fortunes of the embattled operator.

"What I know is I got hired to do a job, and I want that job to be completed in three to five years," CEO Marcelo Claure told Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S)'s hometown paper, the Kansas City Star.

Claure has already detailed the ways he expects to do this. Cutting spending at the operator, improving the network and adding enough customers to enable Sprint to turn a profit. Easier said than done of course, and Claure expects more hard work to come at Sprint. (See Sprint Promises Better LTE on Lower Capex, Sprint Swaps in a New CFO, COO & CTO and Sprint CEO: Price Cuts First, Best Network Next .)

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Sprint is also trying to fight off the challenge from a resurgent T-Mobile US Inc. and maintain its position as third-largest carrier in the US. T-Mobile passed Sprint in overall subscriber numbers in the second quarter of this year. (See US Wireless Operators' Q2 2015 Scorecard.)

— Dan Jones, Mobile Editor, Light Reading

DanJones 8/26/2015 | 5:27:43 PM
Re: Obvious Question Yeah, I've heard that part of the bottleneck is that Sprint has to use outside contractors to deploy their network. I'm not sure of the ratio of employees to contractors there though.
Sarah Thomas 8/26/2015 | 12:01:19 PM
Re: Obvious Question I think it actually needs to happen faster. At least in major metro markets where T-Mobile is thriving.
MikeP688 8/26/2015 | 12:15:03 AM
Re: Obvious Question (Brief Thoughts) As I read thru your story @Dan, I nearly fell out of my chair in shock (figuratively speaking of course).   For the money he's being paid, holy cow!!!   I could not help but wonder who would take them out of their misery--freedompop perhaps?   I am not kidding  if any of my colleagues in the community were wondering.
zorank 8/25/2015 | 8:56:51 PM
Re: Obvious Question No, with the team and strategy currently in place they will not be able to do it. I was expecting Masa San to be more assertive and take charge; from outside in, Sprint is very much its old bumbling self when it comes to network and technology.
DanJones 8/25/2015 | 5:50:54 PM
Re: Obvious Question Oh, it is definitely a lucrative tranche of time for Claure to be sure. But can Sprint be fixed in that time?
mendyk 8/25/2015 | 5:14:03 PM
Re: Obvious Question Three to five years is a narrow window? His comp plan suggests this is a very leisurely pace.
DanJones 8/25/2015 | 4:00:24 PM
Obvious Question Can Claure turn it around?
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