Verizon SVP on safer, more sustainable connected vehicles

MWC23 – While electric vehicles are reducing reliance on gas, EVs plus the transition to more renewable energy sources put "tremendous pressure on the grid," said TJ Fox, SVP of industrial IoT and automotive for Verizon.

"The connectivity between all of those pieces and parts from the distribution of the grid, the power generation, and ultimately, the meters on the outer side of where they're moving the energy and bringing energy back in, will all need to be connected, and the wireless IoT business is going to do that," said Fox.

In addition to addressing how IoT can support a smarter utility grid, Fox discussed Verizon's strategy for connected vehicles and how connected cars are becoming safer and more user-friendly.

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Here are a few topics we covered:

  • Background on Fox and his role at Verizon (00:35)
  • Verizon's connected vehicles strategy (1:20)
  • Securing connected vehicles (4:45)
  • Selecting the right connectivity option for different IoT use cases (8:50)
  • Utilizing renewable energy sources and supporting the smart grid (12:26)

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*Editor's Note: When Fox mentions the "device I have in front of me" (5:05), he's referring to his smartphone.

— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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