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HPE Takes IoT to the Edge

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has launched two gateway products allowing customers to manage and analyze data from IoT devices at the edge of the network instead of in data centers.

The idea is to help organizations access data and gain insights more efficiently than is possible using data center technologies.

The HPE IoT System EL10 and the more sophisticated EL20 are the first products Hewlett Packard Enterprise has released as part of a new IoT initiative branded Edgeline. They were developed in partnership with Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) and have been certified to run Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) Azure software.

"The edge of the network meeting the edge of the enterprise is where the IoT interaction is going to be most interesting in the future," says Steve Bell, a senior analyst with Heavy Reading . "This area has been the focus of Intel for a number of years."

Nevertheless, Bell thinks edge-networking developments will create challenges in terms of security, data volumes and signaling traffic.

"To address these, there needs to be intelligence in gateways and … the capability to virtualize clusters of gateways or customer premises equipment," he says.

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DHagar 12/2/2015 | 9:25:17 PM
Re: HPE Ariella & Iain, HPE is making some sound "bold" moves.  I like your statement on edge of networking meeting the edge of enterprise.  It seems as if both with IoT, as well as analytics, that more and more technology will be defined and the value created by the user - which should keep the applications challenging!
Ariella 12/2/2015 | 2:40:40 PM
HPE HPE is doing a lot with Microsoft products now, as they formed a partnership making Azure their preferred public cloud.
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