3:45 PM -- VOIP is all about the bare midriff.

And though that statement doesn't make sense on its own, with the help of Scott Hobin, account manager and resident staff photographer at Hula Networks, I've compiled a few select Hula images from this week's VON show to help turn my nonsensical phrase into a technology truism.

Or whatever.

Isn't it nice to see two sweet Hula girls getting along? Right next to each other. Slowly.

The VON show's big kahuna, Jeff Pulver (far left), asks one unsuspecting Hula girl if she knows what it means to be "Pulver-ized". Sounds unpleasant.

Oh, no. Look at those three Hula girls stranded at a booth all alone. Don't worry! I'll save you!

The Hula girl on the far left looks like she's got a little Elvis lip curl thing happening there. "Thank yuh. Thankyuhveruhmuch."

The stripes are slimming. Sort of.

The shirttails-out extravaganza is in full swing now. Free beer. Plastic cups. Wall-to-wall khakis. It's party time.

"No, no, honey, the conference was really boring. Just had to load up on booze and talk to floor models. Awful day. Just awful."

— Phil Harvey, Pics and Pains Editor, Light Reading

BlueButtMonkey 12/5/2012 | 4:01:35 AM
re: Hula-la At Supercomm two years ago, Hula only had two booth babes. Now they've got four at VON. How long before the Wall Street analysts work the Hula Girl Index into their business models?

DCITDave 12/5/2012 | 4:01:21 AM
re: Hula-la That's not a bad idea. It does, after all, get attention. How many other VON booths have we mentioned this week?

BlueButtMonkey 12/5/2012 | 4:00:56 AM
re: Hula-la Philter:

We here on Wall Street need to update our Hula Girl Indexes (HGI), so please provide an update from TelecomNEXT.

If it exceeds VON's HGI of 4 from last week, then we are all going looooooooong on networking stocks.


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