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Headcount: Memo Minder

Apparently Headcount isn't the only "human resources analysis" column in the mix (see Headcount: Such Language!). There's at least one other columnist that spends waaaay too much time reading through personnel reduction memos.

In her Monday column, Lucy Kellaway of London's Financial Times took time to deconstruct the emails and memos that big companies are using to fire people these days, from their upbeat subject lines to their tendency to blame management mistakes on just about anything (the economy, the customer, the weather, SARS) that is outside a company's control.

Kellaway smartly notes that behind most layoffs lies a management mistake. She fails, however, to make enough of the fact that often the most bloated and meandering memos are also the funniest to read and share with friends, such as your dear old chums here at Headcount. We'd like to see even more. By all means, when some stout prose fattens up your inbox, drop us a line, will ya?

Meanwhile, pardon us while we dash off a few wandering paragraphs of our own as we review some of the past week's most interesting hirings, firings, and other personnel-related news:

  • Movaz Networks Inc. has made some interesting appointments of late. The company added John Beagley as its senior VP of global sales and Johnson Agogbua as it senior VP of network quality and customer service. Agogbua was formerly president of Zephion Networks, which splintered off from Broadband Office (BBO), a company Agogbua founded. Both BBO and Zephion came home feet-first. (see Zephion: Anatomy of a Debacle, Kleiner Readies BBO's Rebirth, and Kleiner Perkins Builds Backbone Carrier ).

    Movaz reported a headcount of about 200 in late 2002, while the number hovers closer to 150 these days, sources say. In a May 28 press release, CEO Bijan Khosravi says Movaz will double the size of its sales and customer service teams in the next 12 months. The company says it now has five open position in sales and eight open jobs in customer service.

  • Pennsylvania components maker T-Networks Inc. has cut an indeterminable number of staff last week. "I can say that the company is smaller than it was last week," says Lauren Turkel, the company's HR director. In late April, it was announced that the company's chief financial officer, Keith Schneck, had left to join Neoware Systems Inc. Turkel says T-Networks CEO Aaron Fisher is now handling Schneck's duties.

  • Continuum Photonics Inc. has recently trimmed its ranks as well in the process of "reshaping resources," according to founder Aaron Bent. Interestingly, Bent says that those let go were primarily non-telecom people -- those focused on other businesses such as military, aerospace, and consumer products. Bent doesn't want to comment directly on how the telecom side of Continuum's business is doing, but says that there is an advertised opening for a VP of sales and other positions at the company.

  • Component maker Centellax Inc. has cut five people, leaving it with 23, according to a recent report in The (Santa Rosa, Calif.) Press Democrat (PD). Headcount has nothing to add, expect to point out that Centellax sounds like a prescription anti-depressant.

  • In nearby Petaluma, the PD reports that Sonoma County Job Link, a career counseling service, is shutting down its satellite office. Headcount guesses you can only say, "Get out of telecom!" so many times before you've worn out your welcome.

  • Correction: Headcount incorrectly intimated that Hatch Graham was done with his tour of duty at Bandwidth9 Inc. But then we got this note from Graham, who is also chairman of Wave7 Optics Inc. and interim CEO of Arroyo Optics.

    "I'm still the CEO at Bandwidth9, which is making progress in its transition to another market, mainly datacom-oriented," Graham writes via email. "We've streamlined substantially, but have plenty of cash, and expect to complete the development work on a couple of exciting products by year's end."

    Here's a summary of other industry appointments (and disappointments) from the past several days:

    Got any other grist for the mill? We don't have a mill and we aren't even sure what grist is, but we'll gladly take your personnel-related news tips at [email protected].

    — Phil Harvey, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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    hitecheer2 12/4/2012 | 11:56:42 PM
    re: Headcount: Memo Minder Just wondering if the VP of engineering, an ex Nortel-er, is still in SA's Ottawa office.

    wolfmanmaster 12/4/2012 | 11:56:42 PM
    re: Headcount: Memo Minder The VP in charge of iPP marketing, who was stationed at Silicon Access' Ottawa office, resigned from the company last month.

    Silicon Access is currently in process of closing its Ottawa office where iPP has been developed.
    BlueWater66 12/4/2012 | 11:56:37 PM
    re: Headcount: Memo Minder

    whyiswhy 12/4/2012 | 11:56:32 PM
    re: Headcount: Memo Minder Novalux emerged from Ch 11 with a freshly minted $16M to chase the semiconductor Ar laser (488nm aka doubled 980nm) business. I guess it was just too tempting, what with all that recently "liberated" equipment and multi-million dollar facilities and unemployed founders and key employees sitting around...

    Ian and Aram: you guys are un-stoppable, that's for sure...

    Better luck the second (third?) time around.
    single mode figure 12/4/2012 | 11:56:31 PM
    re: Headcount: Memo Minder Bandwith 9 has that many lives, when in sunnyvale working for Bandwith solutions, we taunted Band9...Bandwith Solution BS, is gone and resurfaced as Xtera....now you know the rest of the story...
    whyiswhy 12/4/2012 | 11:56:27 PM
    re: Headcount: Memo Minder BW9, et.al.: Looks like Graham gets hired to ride tired ponies to the glue factory.

    Xtera: Mohammed, even Texas isn't big enough to make a market for ULH...

    But good luck to us all.
    rbkoontz 12/4/2012 | 11:56:22 PM
    re: Headcount: Memo Minder I heard the highly touted VP of Engineering at Zhone has left the company. He came well-healed from DSC/Alcatel. From the website, it appears Jeanette has taken over engineering (again).

    Has this company EVER secured a significant customer win? All indications are that this company and their $500M are on the way down the drain.

    jvincent 12/4/2012 | 11:56:16 PM
    re: Headcount: Memo Minder I don't usually respond to this kind of stuff but since I have been asked a specific question I will reply.

    Yes, I am still here. Still on the web page too. It makes my Mom happy.

    WRT to wolfmanmaster, all I will say is that he is still posting inaccurate information. Not sure why he feels the need to do so, but hey, it's a free world.

    Just in case anyone is wondering if it really is me:

    1. I have the Nebraska flag that used to be in Skyline hanging on my office wall.
    2. I still have a chocolate jar in my office.
    3. I was the first person to fit a couch in a D-level sized cube (that I am aware of anyway).
    dcarr 12/4/2012 | 11:56:14 PM
    re: Headcount: Memo Minder As the only other VP in Ottawa, I concur. John, aka Amazing Hair Guy, is still making us jealous with his full head of hair(a tad grey now though).
    IPOcrazy 12/4/2012 | 11:56:07 PM
    re: Headcount: Memo Minder And what indications might these be?
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