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Gilder's Congresscosm

5:15 PM -- According to an email we received:

    Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder will be in Washington, D.C., Thursday to meet with the Senate Republican High Tech Task Force, chaired by Senator John Ensign. This is especially timely as Congress is considering a major rewrite of the 1996 Telecommunications Act next year. Digital television transition, extension of spectrum auction authority and other matters are also under consideration.

    We invite you to join a select number of other respected members of the media at a private breakfast with technology expert and international economic advisor George Gilder in order to discuss these and other critical aspects of telecom reform.

So, the telecom preacher that led a generation of investors off the cliff of the telecom collapse is now an "international economic advisor" who gives advice to the U.S. Congress?

I guess I need to do better PR.

With all due respect, Gilder has had his moments -- most of the good ones in the 1990s, when he predicted the marriage of the Internet and television in his book, After Television. But when it comes to him telling you what to do with money, run for the hills.

What's he going to do there up on Capitol Hill, give senators optical stock tips? "Buy Corvis!" (See Gilder Backs Corvis.)

— R. Scott Raynovich, US Editor, Light Reading

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