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The Title II Ruling: A 'Wow' Moment

Most people in the industry thought it was coming but when the news broke on Thursday that the FCC had voted in favor of classifying US fixed and mobile broadband as telecom services under Title II of the Communications Act, imposing net neutrality rules as part of the process, it was still a "wow" moment.

The Light Reading team reacted quickly with this coverage of the US regulator's decision:

For more Title II coverage, see:

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brooks7 2/27/2015 | 6:57:43 PM
Re: The Day After Uh...telecom regulations are published.  Not sure what you are talking about.

rgrutza600 2/27/2015 | 6:32:37 PM
Re: The Day After We would have to read it first!  Just how are you supposed to follow regulations that are not in the public domain anyway.  Our government is run like a crime syndicate.
DHagar 2/27/2015 | 4:31:11 PM
Re: The day after craigleddy, agreed about where the real "wow" will take place.  It may be a tempest in a teapot or a true transformation - that remains in the domain of who and how the rollout decisions are made.  Having said that though, the "wow" is the door that has been opened to make potentially major decisions that frame the markets of the future.
mendyk 2/27/2015 | 1:03:09 PM
Re: The Day After Agreed, Craig -- The "wow" to me is the over-the-top (p. intended) reaction from the supposedly-but-not-really-so-much savvy media outlets. Excluding LR, of course.
craigleddy 2/27/2015 | 12:38:36 PM
The Day After The day after, I can't decide if the FCC decision really marks a Wow Moment or a So What? Despite the historic reclassfication, it remains to be seen how legal challenges to the rules play out or how potential FCC enforcement actions under the rules will determine the amount of teeth that they have. So many more chapters to come... 
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