WoZ Watch

Remember WoZ?

The wireless company started by Apple Computer Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) pioneer Steve Wozniak was announced in January with the kind of flourish that its grandiose full title – Wheels of Zeus (geddit?) – suggests. It then promptly disappeared off radar screens.

Well, WoZ was supposed to officially launch in the second quarter. Unstrung has contacted the company a few times to try and find out more. "Any news on launch dates or products?" we ask – inquiring minds need to know. "Not yet!" comes the cheery reply.

So we're starting a WoZ watch to keep tabs on this most enigmatic of wireless ventures. After all, keeping tabs on people and objects wirelessly could be what WoZ is all about. And we'll keep badgering them till we find out…

Here's what we know, culled from a statement the company put out in January. "WoZ is designing new consumer electronics wireless products that will have universal appeal among consumers and corporations alike," according to Steve Wozniak. "Recent advances in global positioning software (GPS) systems and antenna technology coupled with the declining cost of processing power and two-way networking make the possibilities for new devices and services really exciting." WoZ is funded to the tune of $6 million by Mobius Venture Capital. Mobius also backs smartphone startup Danger Research Inc., which has taken a similarly shadowy approach to launching products. Steve Wozniak is on Danger's board.

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung
kkolodziej 12/5/2012 | 3:57:44 AM
re: WoZ Watch I would like to inform you about a recent book that covers location-aware technology similar to WoZ and location-aware / positioning applications using alternative positioning technologies to GPS and cellular/telecom, which was referenced in your article:

WoZ Watch

The book, Local Positioning Systems: LBS Applications and Services, is a highly anticipated 488-page book in the industry because it is the first reference for implementing indoor/outdoor location-aware apps. It was a very good time to publish this book (after 4yrs of research that began at MIT) because the industry is realizing the limitations of GPS and cellular/telecom G«Űbased positioning. LBS/navigation applications have not been as successful on the market as expected, because they donG«÷t work where people are: indoors and in cities. GPS is great, but not for many of the apps we will present on this website. LBS has been trying to become the G«£killer appG«• but privacy, market awareness, and indoor coverage are still pending issues affecting the success of LBS. This book address these issues.

Please see http://indoorLBS.com for the BookG«÷s preface, etc, if youG«÷re interested in reading it.


Krzysztof Kolodziej

San Francisco, CA
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