Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Telecom

How long has it been since we've updated our list of the industry's Top Ten Movers and Shakers? Let's put it this way: the last time we fiddled with the list, George Bush was the president and the U.S. was at war with Iraq.

And, even more painfully, just six months ago we led you to believe that we were somewhat close to finishing the list, just lacking a few suggestions from our smarter-than-average readers (see Pick Your 'Movers & Shakers').

Boy, were we wrong.

So, while we roost here with egg on our faces – and why not? It's good for the complexion – we present our newest, most updatedest list for your edification.

But first, a note of explanation:

This Top Ten Movers and Shakers list follows a familiar format at first, but then it gets kinda weird (well, okay, weirder). .

Our new list still has pictures and descriptions of each Mover and/or Shaker. We want you to know them. We want you to walk up to them at tradeshows and pat them on the back with one hand, while thrusting your resumé into their gut with the other, all the while droning on about how they're just the kind of person you've always "envisioned" yourself "working with."

Unlike our past Top Ten lists (see The Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Optical Networking ), however, our "Has Been Bin" has been upgraded with a special new feature: Really Horrible Haiku™. We've decided that in the post-bubble environment, just about every former Mover and Shaker needs to be moved into the "Has Been Bin," so it's time to find a more elegant manner of trashing them.

What about those who came close to making the list? We chose not to recognize them this time around. And it really would have been a stretch to include them. Need an example? Well, okay, we'll share one nomination:

    I pick CEO Barry Nalls of Masergy Communications.

    While AT&T, Qwest, and everyone else tout IP/VPNs, Barry started a company 3 years ago that does MPLS. No one, and I mean no one, does Native IP with MPLS.

    Barry’s Chief Scientist heads up the MPLS Forum, Mr. Nalls has raised $100 million in a non-VC funding period, and Barry is at the forefront of truly revolutionizing the industry... If you rally take a look at the Website, there is no smoke and mirrors... I say, last year, Light Reading missed Barry. This year, it’ll be hard to ignore him.

Thanks so much. While we appreciate Mr. Nalls's accomplishments, his name poses a problem. Too many jokes. Fish in a barrel really. Also, we're familiar with Masergy and the wonderful things they do with Native IP with MPLS (and native martinis with olives) – but we couldn't find anybody to corrobate the idea that Nalls has truly revolutionized the industry (without smoke and mirrors).

Okay, enough mucking about. Peruse the following lists at your leisure, ponder our choices, and then use the message boards – or this handy email link: [email protected] – to let us know how wise or silly you think our choices are.

Thanks for your kind attention. Here's the list:

Table 1: Top Ten Movers and Shakers
Position Name
1 Hossein Eslambochi
2 Hong Lu
3 Ron Martin
4 Greg Mumford
5 Ed Kennedy
6 Bobby Johnson
7 Niklas Zennstrom
8 Bill Smith
9 Brian Protiva
10 Jim Dolce

Table 2: The Has-Been Bin
Position Name
1 Carl Russo
2 Pat Nettles
3 James Wei
4 Paul Ferri and Ed Anderson
5 David Huber
6 Kevin Kalkhoven
7 Milton Chang
8 Dan Smith
9 Wu-Fu Chen

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sir-wish-pro-wide-her 12/4/2012 | 11:14:43 PM
re: Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Telecom 1. You guys are seem a bit harsh on those that seem to have fallen from grace
2. Is there a typo in Really Horrible Haiku"? Is it supposed to be Hagger The Horrible?
3. I think you missed one more deserving entry in the "Has Been Bin". I would have included the lightreading staff member that had picked the previous top 10 movers and shakers :-)
btierney 12/4/2012 | 11:14:42 PM
re: Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Telecom oops was refering to anderson and ferri
btierney 12/4/2012 | 11:14:42 PM
re: Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Telecom and these guys really thought they could walk on water....
DCITDave 12/4/2012 | 11:14:41 PM
re: Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Telecom You admit that Lucent isn't performing well and yet you suggest we put Pat on our list because she's a woman?

Or because Fortune called her a powerful woman?

That sounds like the wrong thing to do for all the wrong reasons.


P.S. Fortune magazine called Enron "America's Most Innovative Company" for six consecutive years.
Tony Li 12/4/2012 | 11:14:41 PM
re: Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Telecom
Is it just me, or are all of the links pointing to their staging area?

Scott Raynovich 12/4/2012 | 11:14:41 PM
re: Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Telecom no, it's not you... we screwed up.

we are fixing, but in the meantime the links on the left-hand side of the page in the black bar will get you where you need to go
indica1019 12/4/2012 | 11:14:41 PM
re: Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Telecom It's shameful that Lightreading contributes to the sexism in the telecom industry by not including a single woman on the Top Ten list.

While Fortune has put Pat Russo on it's 10 Most Powerful Women in Business again this year, she apparently doesn't make LR's cut. Lucent might not be at the top of it's game, but it's a hell of lot better off after Pat's tough decisions that none of her predecessors had the balls to make.

LR editors - when are you going to wake up from your cozy British boy's club and realize that the rest of the world has moved on? Get with it, mates.
dodo 12/4/2012 | 11:14:40 PM
re: Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Telecom you may disagree but Pat's tough decisions were made(are being taken) to ensure that she together with her ilks can continue to fill their pockets whilst a lot of talent may be queuing in the food line once their severance and unemployment run out.

What innovative or groung-breaking decisions has she taken so far to sustain the business ?
Zilch !

Hence she has no place in the top ten JMHO
DCITDave 12/4/2012 | 11:14:39 PM
re: Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Telecom re: "Hey Phil -- aren't you from Texas?"


re: "What's this 'cozy Brit boys club' that indica's talking about?"

Dunno. Maybe someone's been reading Orwell's "Burmese Days" and they think I'm Ellis.
sevenbrooks 12/4/2012 | 11:14:39 PM
re: Top Ten Movers and Shakers in Telecom
I would have nominated Pat Russo for perhaps the worst CEO in telecom. She needs to cut horrible businesses and move along. Yet, she refuses to do so at the peril of Lucent. Its still a dog, its shrinking and no obvious path to growth.

Get rid of the dead wood.

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