Nexagent Promises VPN Nirvana

UK startup Nexagent Ltd. today unveiled developments aimed at helping integrators successfully provide a service that many of the world's biggest carriers have consistently tried and failed to deliver -- the truly global managed VPN (see Nexagent Opens for Business).

To accomplish this, Nexagent plans to operate peering points and a service operations center (SOC) in a way that enables integrators to stitch together VPN solutions from multiple carriers.

While systems integrators already do this themselves, Nexagent can help them do it far more effectively and efficiently, according to founder and president, 28-year-old Charles "Charlie" Muirhead, best known for founding Orchestream while still in diapers (see Orchestream Gets A Flying Start, Orchestream Preps VPN Push and Orchestream Goes for Peanuts).

If Nexagent's plan can be put into practice, it will deliver what has long been regarded as the VPN nirvana, according to Phil Barton of the European VPN User Association (EVUA), a 70-strong user group whose members each have an annual telecom budget of more than €10 million.

"This is a clever idea that works on a lot of levels, and it will simplify matters for multinational users. It's an exciting and brave concept, and one that is needed," says Barton.

To find out more about Nexagent's revolutionary approach, read the full story on our sister site, Boardwatch. — Ray Le Maistre, International Editor, Boardwatch

digits 12/4/2012 | 11:29:27 PM
re: Nexagent Promises VPN Nirvana Nexagent's proposition is no joke, but Muirhead's decreasing age during the article was an attempt at levity. I wouldn't have included that attempt at humor on April 1 for fear of having the entire article dismissed as a joke.

So, for the record, the article is serious (honest), Muirhead is 28 (with a business track record that puts many octagenarians to shame), and we're very curious about how this company will play out in the next few years.

But we're working on our April 1 news list....

Ray Le Maistre
dogmeat 12/4/2012 | 11:31:35 PM
re: Nexagent Promises VPN Nirvana
Note that he's 11 at the end of the article.
FXavier 12/4/2012 | 11:31:38 PM
re: Nexagent Promises VPN Nirvana I would be cautious in turning a typo ie. 22 instead of 32...into a 100% dismissal. Though difficult to achieve, the stated goal and apparent accomplishments of Nexagent warrant more careful scrutiny before being cursorily trashed.
dogmeat 12/4/2012 | 11:31:39 PM
re: Nexagent Promises VPN Nirvana The article is an April Fools article.

I took the bait on the concept, but as you read the article Charlie Muirhead's age decrements down to 11 years old.

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