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Slideshow: BCE Goes Deep in Heart of Texas

AUSTIN, Texas -- Big Communications Event -- When we weren't connecting with the best and the brightest of the comms industry, Light Reading editors fanned out over the city to see the sights, cameras at the ready.

Click on the beer wall below to start a slideshow of what we saw. And scroll down lower for two Texas video treats, as well as a roundup of our coverage of the top tech and business issues facing service providers, as discussed at BCE.

Beer Wall
A local bar features an impressive wall of beer. (Photo: Iain Morris)
A local bar features an impressive wall of beer. (Photo: Iain Morris)

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And another rendition:

More from BCE:

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kq4ym 6/14/2016 | 8:08:52 AM
Re: Bat pictures From bats to beer walls, to the quirky sights of Austin, a great entertaining mini-view of the city. Kind of reminds me of a big city version of Key West.
Mitch Wagner 6/3/2016 | 1:45:08 PM
Re: Bat pictures Yeah, that's a tough shot. 
cnwedit 6/3/2016 | 12:40:43 PM
Bat pictures I also have a picture of the bats flying - but black bats against the night sky don't really register on an iPhone camera. 
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