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Slideshow'Silence Like Diamonds' Concludes

DHagar 8/25/2015 | 8:06:24 PM
Re: Jack Williamson Mitch, an incredible achievement - at any age!

So it is "Back to the Future"?  And the AI makes an added dimension of intrigue - with human slaves.  Really interesting thoughts and writing.

Thanks to you and John for the series - it has been excellent!

Mitch Wagner 8/25/2015 | 1:14:28 PM
Jack Williamson Jack Williamson, who wrote "With Folded Hands.... ", discussed above, had a remarkable life and career. Born in 1908, his family moved to rural New Mexico in a horse-drawn covered wagon in 1915. He published his first story, "The Metal Man," in "Amazing Stories" in 1929. He died in 2006, a year after publishing his last novel. Amazon reviews are unenthusiastic. But before you criticize Williamson over that, firstpublish a novel when you're 97 years old and see if yours is any better?
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