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DNS Software Leaps Forward

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Today Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) released the latest version of its undisputed market-leading DNS software, BIND 9.9. This latest version of the software continues ISC's longstanding commitment to ensuring the Internet community at large has access to the cutting edge features and functionality of our Open Source software, with significant performance improvements and enhanced usability, especially for DNS Security.

DNS Security (DNSSEC) remains more of an aspiration than an achievement. In order to achieve security, the DNSSEC protocol became more complex. A key feature of BIND 9.9 is the addition of Inline Signing, which allows the introduction of DNSSEC into a functional DNS environment without disturbing the current publication workflow. Specifically, zone signing and key management are now simple steps that won't complicate or disrupt a production environment.

Internet Systems Consortium

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