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Google Space?

1:00 PM -- In a meeting of (geek) minds of boggling ramifications, Google has annnounced plans to move into a million-square-foot facility in NASA's Silicon Valley Ames Research Center.

The space agency and the search giant also promised to collaborate on "several technical research projects, including large-scale data management, massively distributed computing and encouragement of the entrepreneurial space industry," according to multiple reports (here's just one).

This can mean only one thing: Having raised approximately 15 trillion dollars in its IPO, set about encircling the planet with its own private Internet, and begun the battle to master the telephony market – having, in short, conquered the Earth (as well as its Moon) – Google has decided our paltry planet is not big enough to hold it, and set its sights on deep space.

Stay tuned for mars.google.com, rigel.google.com, and crabnebula.google.com. And watch their space dust.

— Red Panda, Extraterrestrial Venture Capitalist, Light Reading

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