Flush This!

3:20 PM -- This gets my vote for uninviting PR invite of the year:

    Hello Scott,

    There is a better solution than sticking your hand in a public toilet to save those precious cell contacts. All this for a phone? Not likely, what he wanted was his contacts.

    Many fear the loss of contacts within their cell phones and resort to desperate measures to save them. Spark’s CellStik allows you to flush away this fear.

    CellStik offers peace of mind for those who rely on the contacts within their cell phone. Contacts can easily be backed up, allowing users to enter and edit cell phone contacts from the comfort of their full-sized keyboard - not the tiny keys on their cell phones. You can’t control what happens to your phone, but you can safeguard those precious numbers with CellStik.

    Want to learn more about this crucial, yet simple, device? It's your lucky day; Spark is coming to New York.

    If you can you make yourself available for a 30 minute meeting next week on April 18, 19 or 20, we will come show you CellStik for your phone.

    Please let me know of your availability.

    Best, Danielle
Danielle: Sorry, but it does not feel like my lucky day.

— R. Scott Raynovich, US Editor, Light Reading

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