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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Caspian Networks today announced the general availability of its new first-of-its kind Apeiro(tm) flow-based router. The product, based on a dramatically different architecture from traditional core routers while adhering to industry standards, introduces new ATM-equivalent Quality of Service (QoS) to IP networks that enables new capabilities and offers a new approach to scalability that ensures network growth costs remain predictable.A new approach to IP quality of service within Apeiro enables service providers to guarantee determinism across IP network cores, allowing them to implement new premium services end-to-end, offer broadband users premium services while having better control over broadband networks, and enable multiservice consolidation on IP. Apeiro is the first core product to work in conjunction with edge devices and bring ATM-equivalent QoS to IP in tandem with, or without, MPLS.For every microflow on every interface, Apeiro ensures fairness or call rejection under congestion and low jitter under heavy load. Unlike other QoS approaches, Apeiro's microflow-level service determinism features only require minimal operator involvement, and performance is consistently deterministic under load.Apeiro's new approach to IP QoS allows carriers to use Apeiro to begin to consolidate disparate networks on an IP backbone. ATM, Frame Relay and even video traffic can be easily mapped to Apeiro service treatments. Other features allow carriers to consolidate multi-platform core nodes into a single hardware platform."The introduction of Caspian's Apeiro is a tribute to the efforts of all our employees," said Caspian Networks Chairman and CEO Bill Krause. "We believe Apeiro, with its unique features and full interoperability give us an opportunity to fundamentally change the rules of the game." In a separate release: Caspian Networks today introduced a program to make it less expensive for network service providers to migrate to next generation core networks. The company's "Caspian CORE" (Capex/Opex Reduction Enhancement) trade-up program allows network service providers trading in existing routers or ATM switches to receive credit towards purchases of Caspian's Apeiro flow-based routers. "We want service providers to know we're serious about lowering barriers to adopting Caspian's Apeiro flow-based router," said Caspian Networks Vice President of Sales John Pirillo. "Apeiro helps service providers move their core IP networks into the future, with next-generation cost savings and new revenues. The sooner this happens, the more money service providers stand to make." Competitive products accepted under Caspian CORE include core routers and ATM switches from leading manufacturers. Competitive products must be currently deployed in production service provider networks to qualify for credit. The amount of credit recognized varies, and is a function of factors such the purchase price of the original equipment, the length of time it has been in service and the volume of Caspian equipment committed to under the program. Caspian Networks
ike'n'dean 12/5/2012 | 12:14:17 AM
re: Caspian Intros Router "The introduction of Caspian's Apeiro is a tribute to the efforts of all our employees ( including the 40% that we just laid off)," said Caspian Networks Chairman and CEO Bill Krause.
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