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Airvana Sues Ericsson

NEW YORK -- Airvana Network Solutions Inc., a Chelmsford, Massachusetts-based company that has played a critical role in the growth of 3G mobile technology in the United States, today filed suit against Sweden-based Ericsson A.B., and Ericsson Inc. for misappropriating Airvana’s technology to secretly develop with a Korean partner a knock-off product that would illegally compete with Airvana’s.

Airvana has begun litigation in the New York State Supreme Court seeking to enjoin Ericsson from selling a product based on Airvana’s misappropriated proprietary technology. In addition to enjoining Ericsson from its wrongful conduct, the company seeks $330 million in actual damages.

“Ericsson’s behavior is a classic example of a giant multinational using its size and position to extract the profits from a smaller, innovative American company. They are brazenly doing so in violation of both our contractual agreement with them and the trust we placed in them when we licensed our proprietary technology,” said Randy Battat, President and Chief Executive Officer of Airvana. “Ericsson has misappropriated Airvana’s technology and used it to attack Airvana’s business. In order to protect our company, we are left with no alternative to litigation.”

Airvana Inc.

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pjbclarke 12/5/2012 | 5:28:22 PM
re: Airvana Sues Ericsson Everything seems to have gone radio silent
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