Optical/IP Networks

10-Gig Ethernet Transponders

One of the key reasons that Ethernet has had such phenomenal success in enterprise networks is that vendors have gotten behind standards, and as a result, they’ve managed to drive up volumes while driving down costs. Thus, everybody -- users, system vendors, and component makers -- have wound up getting a great deal. Efforts to repeat this success at the next notch up in Ethernet speed (10 Gbit/s) are now under way, with the prospects of this technology having a big impact on telecom as well as enterprise networks. This is evident from high level of activity among developers of 10-Gbit/s Ethernet transponders, or "modules" as they’re often called. These developers have been thrashing out a collection of multi-source agreements covering different applications, and they’re beginning to ship products meeting some of these specs. The time has come, in other words, to come to grips with this latest development in transmission technology. This report aims to provide a starting point by setting the scene and identifying key transponder trends, reviewing requirements for 10G Ethernet transponders, and examining the major multi-source agreements. It also presents a table of vendors and products in the market. Here's a hyperlinked summary of the report: A preview of this report, in the form of an online presentation by the author, Simon Stanley, Principal Consultant at Earlswood Marketing Ltd., can be downloaded free of charge from Light Reading’s Webinar archive.

Introduction by Peter Heywood, Founding Editor, Light Reading

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