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Whoops! Apple's New iPhone Software Breaks Office 365

Enterprises using Office 365 will want to hold off upgrading iPhones and iPads to the latest, greatest operating system version, as the Mail app on iOS 11 is incompatible with Office 365, as well as Exchange Server 2016 and Outlook.com.

More specifically, you can't send or reply to messages, according to an article on the Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) support site.

Microsoft suggests downloading the free Outlook for iOS client from the iOS App store. Also, "If you use the Mail app to sync data from Exchange Server 2016 that is running on Windows Server 2016, you can ask the system administrator to disable HTTP/2 in Windows Server 2016 as a workaround. The instructions on disabling HTTP/2 can be found in the Workaround section of KB 4032720: How to deploy custom cipher suite ordering in Windows Server 2016," Microsoft says.

Man purchases iPhone at Regent St., London. He'll be less happy if he goes back to work and tries to get his Office 365 email. Photo from Apple.
Man purchases iPhone at Regent St., London. He'll be less happy if he goes back to work and tries to get his Office 365 email. Photo from Apple.

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Microsoft and Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) are working on a fix, and will post more information to the support article when it becomes available, Microsoft says.

Apple says on its support site that users experiencing the problem will see the error message "Cannot Send Mail. The message was rejected by the server." The two companies are working on a fix, and will resolve the problem in an upcoming software update, Apple says.

The bug persists despite users reporting this problem in the iOS 11 beta as far back as July.

"This really pisses me off," says a person on Reddit. "Apple has known about this ever since beta 4 or 5 and have done nothing about it. This is a big bug and lots of people use exchange servers."

The Register is having fun with this one. Attention adults working in the real world: Do not upgrade to iOS 11 if you use Outlook, Exchange. The article refers to Apple as the "Cupertino idiot-tax operation."

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kq4ym 10/9/2017 | 12:28:50 PM
Re: How funny One does wonder how much of these goofups may be purposeful or even at the request of senior management for competitive or marketing reasons. If attorneys were consulted before the issue, it would be interesting how they might advise the companies if this issue were to come public sooner than later.
[email protected] 9/28/2017 | 1:04:40 PM
Oversight or strategy Now we need to wonder if it's intentional given the news about Amazon Echo today and google a little sour milk to add to the competitive basket.
Susan Fourtané 9/27/2017 | 3:09:35 AM
Re: How funny Brilliant. :) And timely. Think that that strip is from 1992. Could we say then that nothing has changed? I love Dilbert.
Susan Fourtané 9/27/2017 | 3:01:18 AM
Re: How funny Joe — I see. Thanks. In partnerships, blaming just one part of it is not right most of the times. Of course, there are exceptions. However, in general, any partnership —of any nature— is a result of the decisions and actions of both parts. Only the two parts involved will know the truth about what happened. Outsiders, such as ourselves in this case, can only speculate, and sometimes take sides, which not always reflects the truth of who is right or wrong.
[email protected] 9/26/2017 | 5:53:13 PM
Avoidable complications. Well, something was obviously missed in the testing cycle, sadly for Apple, they will now be dealing fixes and bad publicity out of the gate for something that could have been prevented.
Ariella 9/26/2017 | 4:18:53 PM
Re: How funny @mhhf1ve yes, it's not funny for the person who finds out the devide won't do what s/he thought it would. But that also is the risk that comes from being first with technology.
Ariella 9/26/2017 | 4:17:08 PM
Re: How funny @Joe yes, lots of standard expectations about companies are getting turned on their head now.
Joe Stanganelli 9/26/2017 | 3:14:01 PM
Re: How funny @Susan: Well, as the saying goes, "Discretion is the better part of valor."

In any case, I'm reminded of this Dilbert strip from 1992: (link)
Joe Stanganelli 9/26/2017 | 3:09:26 PM
Re: How funny @Susan: Sure. I wasn't trying to impute the act of blaming to you; you simply brought up the concept of blame, which I was commenting on.
Joe Stanganelli 9/26/2017 | 3:08:23 PM
Re: How funny @Ariella: Indeed. I was thinking in particular of Apple's partnership with IBM. That was a pretty sky-falling announcement.
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