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SlideshowIBM's Cloud Strategy Helps, but Can't Stop Revenue Decline

Kind of blue.
(Source: IBM)
Kind of blue.
(Source: IBM)

kq4ym 7/29/2017 | 7:21:37 AM
Re: IBM It's always interesting to guess what the trend is for IBM earnings and business plan changes. While the declines are real, one could say it's not necessarily a future projections as they enter the cloud arena with new main frame configurations with enhanced security and encryption services for the financial industry.
Ariella 7/19/2017 | 5:46:21 PM
Re: IBM @Scott hmm, I would guess that some financial analysts must have some insight. It's possible that the stock is over-valued. A couple of days back Elon Musk admitted that he considered the stock price for his companyt to be higher than warranted. I believe it took a bit of a plunge after that. IBM plays things somewhat closer to the vest.
Scott_Ferguson 7/19/2017 | 5:36:12 PM
Re: IBM @ariella: Yet the stock is doing really well and its EPS was up compared to expectations from Wall Street. So what is really going on? Does the legacy business still drag it down, but then why come out with new mainframe? I haven't yet seen a good explanation of what is up with IBM financially.
Ariella 7/19/2017 | 5:14:54 PM
IBM Indeed, Big Blue has taken a major hit over the past several years. Twenty-quarters of declining revenues is quite a lot.
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