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Google Debuts App Performance Optimization for Microservices

Like a Harvard grad who never misses an opportunity to remind you they went to Harvard, Google doesn't like to let people forget it pioneered hypercloud and microservices, and invented Kubernetes.

And Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) wants to be sure you keep its cloud history in mind when it talks about Stackdriver APM and Stackdriver Profiler, which are application performance optimization tools released on Wednesday. The tools are based on Google's long history of operating in the cloud.

"A lot of the pain that other companies are going through is things that we've been through," Google Product Manager Morgan McLean said in an interview, during which he happened to mention that Google pioneered hypercloud and microservices, and invented Kubernetes.

As part of the Stackdriver suite, Trace and Debugger give developers the ability to analyze and debug applications while running in production, without affecting user experience, McLean says in a blog post scheduled to go live Wednesday. And Stackdriver Profiler lets users run profiles to explore how code executes in production, to optimize performance and reduce the cost of computation.

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Stackdriver Trace lets developers trace requests as they come in to edge services and are passed through APIs to other services on the infrastructure. It means developers can track requests through each step of the application, and find the causes of slowdowns and bottlenecks.

Stackdriver Debugger lets developers add break points to applications, and log statements, to help figure out where an application is going wrong, McLean says.

And the newest product, Stackdriver Profiler, monitors how code executes in production and provides insights on CPU, memory and other resources used by every function in an application.

"We're empowering developers, for Google Cloud Platform or anywhere, to gain more insight into their applications and understand how they work and speed up the overall developer lifecycle," McLean says. "We're developer focused, and we're helping with the lessons we've learned over the last ten to 12 years to manage services at scale. We're giving developers the same tools we use every day to make services faster and more reliable and speed up development."

And hey, did you know Google pioneered hypercloud and microservices, and invented Kubernetes?

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