CTIA Disconnect

1:05 PM -- I'm writing this from the press room at CTIA Wireless, in Las Vegas, and -- guess what? -- the WiFi network is down. It was up and down all day yesterday, the computer guy in the media center tells me, and probably will be throughout the three days of the conference. (See CTIA: Wireless Futures.)

I'm sure this is symbolic of something -- the nation's largest gathering of the wireless industry can't even keep a working wireless connection in the building -- but I'm not exactly sure of what. Here's a guess: Maybe the companies exhibiting flashy new services like mobile TV and cell-phone Texas Hold'em should concentrate, for the time being, on building a reliable, working wireless infrastructure in this country?


— Richard Martin, Senior Editor, Unstrung

jdfree01 12/5/2012 | 3:58:13 AM
re: CTIA Disconnect Only a necessity with the advent of cell/Wi-Fi devices.

Imagine how many Wi-Fi networks will behave badly with 100M enterprise users carrying these things. IT won't do a thing until their CFO/CEO's laptop keeps getting kicked off.

Too bad IT hasn't yet seen the light - WiFi as a primary network frees the cash from the LAN to spend on capacity oriented Wi-Fi Access designs.

Anyone guess who I'm talking about?
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