Cinta Announces WaveJunction

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Cinta Networks today unveiled the first in a new class of optical networking systems that helps to both decrease network costs and accelerate service providers’ revenue generation through a disruptive new wavelength network architecture. Cinta’s patented WaveJunction product family rearchitects the fundamental transport and switching elements of next-generation optical networks, integrating these once-disparate elements and enabling massive scalability with per-port deployment and delivery of wavelength services. The result is a savings of up to 50 percent in the initial costs and 80 percent in the operating expenses for wavelength transport/switching, and the acceleration of service revenue through the rapid deployment and provisioning of optical bandwidth.

“Service providers are looking to both match network expenses to revenues and drive bandwidth services delivery to more closely track with exploding customer demand,” noted John Vaughan, Cinta Networks’ president and CEO. “To accomplish this, it’s necessary to leapfrog existing network systems and deliver a disruptive, ground-up architecture that integrates transport with switching functions for optical service delivery. This physical and logical integration of transport with wavelength switching is a true breakthrough and is the first system of its kind to market.”

soothaandi 12/4/2012 | 8:44:08 PM
re: Cinta Announces WaveJunction When these guys say "unveiled" Wavejunction, do they mean they actually unveiled the switch like they do in auto shows with new car models, or do they mean "unveiled" a Powerpoint Slideshow about the switch and their hopes and dreams for it.

Mind you I am not being disrespectful or negative about Cinta or anyone else, but these days the vaporware quotient is so high that it is becoming necessary to ask this question.

I request that lightreading and other such industry journalists ASK these questions again and again till the companies get the message and stick with the facts. If this is a new concept that they are unveiling, good, but they should clearly say so. There is enough "fantasy" out there,... no no not a dig at the recent test you guys spent so much bandwidth over ... literally. But I am sure you all know what I mean.

Please take this matter to heart and ask these tough questions. Some of them may be present or potential advertisers, but if they have product they will have no problem showing it, and if they have product they will have no problem selling it, and using the money to advertise, etc etc etc.

Hopefully someone will ask Cinta about it and start a new trend in this business - TRUTH in advertising.
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