Chorum Announces Two Products

RICHARDSON, Texas -- Chorum Technologies Inc., a leading provider of all-optical processors and subsystems, today announces its new PolarWave(R) Optical Harmonic Equalizer and Dynamic Gain Tilter for advanced optical signal processing applications in Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) networks. Chorum Technologies' Optical Harmonic Equalizer (OHE) utilizes the company's patented polarization processing and solid-state liquid crystal technologies to provide dynamic gain equalization for a new generation of optical networks. The OHE dynamically adjusts the gain profile of an optical amplifier to ensure that the power levels of DWDM optical signals are equalized without requiring a conversion from optical-to-electrical-to-optical. The dynamic OHE enables more cost-effective, higher bandwidth and longer-reach optical networks.

Chorum Technologies' is also announcing the Dynamic Gain Tilter (DGT), a new product that dynamically introduces user-defined gain tilt into current and next-generation amplifiers. This feature enables rapid service provisioning and eliminates typical amplifier aging effects that degrade optical network performance. The DGT, which also incorporates Chorum Technologies' patented polarization processing and solid-state liquid crystal technologies, dynamically `tilts' the broadband optical signal gain profile through variable user-defined control. The DGT offers excellent spectral uniformity and low optical loss. It also features solid-state reliability, low power consumption, no vibration or electrical noise and is offered in a compact card-mountable package.

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