Cell Phone Fever

1:00 AM -- I didn't hear you call. I was, um, checking something...

A new Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S) survey asked 676 American wireless phone users what they most wanted to be incorporated into their phones.

Twenty-seven percent of those asked said they wanted a printer/scanner/fax capability. This could make sense when you think of the phone being a logical extension of the office. But I can hardly see my cell coughing up little taxi-cab-receipt-sized pages when someone faxes me.

More weird, though, is the fact that a full 17 percent of those asked wanted Sprint to consider putting thermometers in their phones. Who are all these people that need their temperatures taken while on the run? Shouldn't they just stay home?

The survey also says that 53 percent of camera phone owners take photos with their phone. That's an odd stat to include. All these people have camera-capable phones, and damn near half of them aren't doing anything with them. I'm kind of relieved to hear that.

Finally, nearly a third of those surveyed play games on their phones. And nearly a third of those folks said they play games "in the bathroom." Is that a bad sign for newspaper publishers?

— Phil Harvey, Sir Vey's Editor, Light Reading

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