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Orange, Telia Initiate TransportPCE Project in OpenDaylight

BERLIN -- The OpenDaylight Project, the networking industry's largest open source project focused on Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), today announced increasing contributions, leadership and commitment among European-based telecoms operators. Orange, with the support of Telia Company and AT&T, initiated the TransportPCE project within OpenDaylight, which marks the first software development collaboration led exclusively by a group of end users.

The project also announced new OpenDaylight Advisory Group member Kevin Brackpool from Vodafone, one of the world's leading telecommunications groups with a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific and a proponent of open source. Kevin is a Network Architect within the Network Virtualisation team of Vodafone Group which has a focus on the introduction of network virtualisation technologies (SDN, NFV, automation/orchestration etc.) within, and across, the various Vodafone local operating companies.

Kevin Brackpool joins Dr. Pedro A. Aranda Gutierrez of Telefónica; Dr. Jamil Chawki of Orange; Johan Gustawsson of Telia Company; Jon Beasley of Thomson Reuters; and Ralf Trezeciak of Deutsche Telecom as EMEA-based members of the the OpenDaylight Advisory Group (AG) who provide the OpenDaylight developer community with technical input and feedback.

Leading the transformation to open, software-defined networks, the OpenDaylight project is helping to make interoperable, programmable networks a reality. SDN optimizes existing networks to fit today's needs and more easily adapt as requirements change. Because there isn't just one implementation for SDN, OpenDaylight is building a common platform that can be configured in any number of ways to solve network challenges.

The new TransportPCE project is an OpenDaylight application designed to offer tools that make it easier to deploy multi-layer transport use cases using OpenDaylight. Aiming to foster broad adoption of common YANG data models for Layer 0/1 networks and devices, the project will develop the first TransportPCE for L1 service requests and serve as a testing and validation means for network topology updates. The project will enable novel multi-layer transport use cases that perform network resource optimization using OpenDaylight and also aims to expand into the IP/MPLS domain as well.

Active OpenDaylight User Groups (ODLUGs) continue to provide leadership among operators and end users from across Europe. Regionally, OpenDaylight users, developers and community members meet informally to share knowledge, recruit and onboard new developers, discuss best practices and technical challenges, and create awareness. Current ODLUGs across Europe meet in Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Supporting Community and Member Quotes

"Telia Company believes that programmable networks are critical to the future of networking, therefore we are developing SDN through OpenDaylight," said Johan Gustawsson, network architect, Telia Company. "We strongly value engagement and support of the broader community, as we embark on the effort to accelerate more open, programmable networks."

"I believe that open source allows the industry to work smarter, driving innovation and agility while reducing costs," said Kevin Brackpool, network architect, Network Virtualisation team, Vodafone. "As one of the newest OpenDaylight Advisory Group members and a long-time supporter of Linux and other open source projects, I look forward to working more collaboratively with the OpenDaylight community."

"OpenDaylight as an SDN controller is a critical part of the transformation to more programmable and On-Demand Networks that carriers today so desperately need," said Dr Houmed Ibrahim of Orange. "Collaborating with both the OpenDaylight and OPNFV communities is important to Orange as we look to SDN and NFV to deliver increased agility, programmability and use experience across our networks."


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