Podcast: The Fast-Moving World of SD-WAN

How many SD-WAN vendors are there, anyway?

In this week's podcast, Kelsey Ziser discusses the ever-evolving world of SD-WAN. We discuss why there are so many vendors, what might happen if the market consolidates and whether some of the bigger acquisitions in the space by Cisco and VMware have started to pay off.

The conversation also veers down the road of what SD-WAN is supposed to be replacing (MPLS) and whether that initial, straightforward goal has been subsumed into something larger and infinitely more complex.

Does the white glove version of an SD-WAN service come with its own butler? We'll talk about that, and all things SD-WAN on this episode.

The Light Reading podcast is available on Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud.

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