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Westman Taps Technetix for Modular Upgrade

DENVER, Colo. -- Technetix has announced the successful installation of its DBx Platform at Westman Communications. Tasked with the need to upgrade aging amplifiers, Westman turned to Technetix and the company's Canadian distributor Telonix to provide a solution that would bring an easy, reliable upgrade on its current network, as well as providing a modular approach to future network needs.

Sandy Howe, President, Technetix Americas said, "As a leading technology company, our job is to work hand-in-hand with our distributors and their customers to solve today's problems while improving the longevity and flexibility of HFC networks. With six hundred thousand units deployed worldwide, DBx is the leading 1.2 GHz DOCSIS 3.1 ready access platform in the market today."

"Whenever Westman wants to improve our network, we do our due diligence, looking for partners that provide an easy, cost-effective solution that can be monitored remotely and provides a path to the future." said Scott Hunter, Team Lead, Maintenance and Construction, Westman Communications.

The industry standard DBx platform comes with a modulator configuration, allowing for future retrofits and network upgrades with plug-and-play components. Operators can decide to change from an RF amp by adding optical modules to become a node, or alternatively upgrade to Remote PHY as network architectures evolve to meet customer demand for speed. The DBx platform also enables remote management, providing the ability to troubleshoot without having the expense of a truck roll.

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