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SlideshowSurvey Says Future's Bright for Android TV

kq4ym 4/27/2017 | 5:25:53 PM
Re: Google TV Somehow when looking at the list, I'm reminded of polls that results in "name recognition" and maybe little else of validity, and was surprised noting that "at the very bottom of the pack, Roku garnered only 17% of the responses." I personally find the Roku service the least expensive but well designed device to receive more free programming than I could ever have time to watch, but also all the subscription services I could ever dream about.
danielcawrey 4/14/2017 | 11:56:19 AM
Google TV I remember the days of Google TV. I always thought it was an interesting platform, but too difficult to use. 

Google supplying the platform and allowing providers to build off of that is a smart move. TV really needs to improve, and hopefully Android can help with that. 
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