Telia Picks Teleste Remote PHY Nodes

TURKU, Finland -- Teleste Corporation today reveals that its Remote PHY-based intelligent node, AC9100 Neo RPD, has been implemented by Telia, a leading provider of broadband and telecommunications services in Finland. Teleste’s node is in operation in Telia’s live network alongside Cisco’s cBR-8 CCAP core. The implementation shows that the Remote PHY (R-PHY) distributed access technology today is ready for operators who wish to safely invest in future development of their networks and services.

“Our learnings prove that the Remote PHY technology fits extremely well with bringing the next-generation broadband services to our customers. As a service provider, our goal is to be ahead in utilizing the possibilities of the ongoing technology transformation to create an attractive customer experience and meet the customers’ future digital needs. We are pleased to note that the Remote PHY technology now provides us an exciting option to achieve our goal”, shares Sakari Kangasvieri, Department Manager for Telia.

Due to the active support of the vendor community and ongoing interoperability efforts, R-PHY technology has rapidly evolved as a solution for improved scale, flexibility and performance in cable access networks. With the technology, operators can significantly add performance to their networks in order to answer to the accelerating demand for more and more broadband speed and capacity.

Teleste Corp.

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