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MoCA Abroad

3:40 PM -- The Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) is heading to Asia, because there's potential in that market, even in China. [Ed. note: Even on Java? MoCA Java! Geddit? Hahahahahahahaha!]

Which seems odd, because I don't associate China, or really any Asian country, with co-ax. But it's there, often in multidwelling units, says Rob Gelphman, chair of MoCA's marketing group.

MoCA will be making tradeshow appearances in Asia, trying to get the drumbeat started. "I'm hearing enough anecdotal evidence that it's worth spending time and money over there," Gelphman says.

Any serious deployment of the MoCA standard in Asia would be a year or more away.

Separately, and funnier, MoCA keeps getting the occasional ping from individuals -- random guys who've stumbled across the acronym and want to soup up their home networks. Not quite the audience MoCA is going after, but Gelphman says the alliance does have long-term plans for retail sales, and besides, geeks can be great publicity. "Those guys are evangelists. They want to tell everybody what they're doing."

The downside to the geek market, though, is that if anything goes wrong, you get eviscerated. And it happens on the Web, no less, where -- as this site demonstrates -- comments live forever, fairly or not.

— Craig Matsumoto, West Coast Editor, Light Reading

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