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Leased Line Lament

11:15 AM -- Someone, somewhere will always prefer things they way they were.

In today's PR pile, an argument against broadband and for leased line services:

"Broadband is attractive to smaller businesses because on paper it looks like a similar service at a reduced cost, so companies with 250k bi-directional leased line are increasingly tempted to make a change to an ADSL line. What they don't realise is that 1mg ADSL is not the same as a 1mg leased line, as broadband shares the bandwidth among the users. This is only apparent when the companies starts sending large files and the whole network slows down."

The quote is from George Georgiou, director of New Business Sales, ServiceTec, an IT support provider. George apparently gets a lot of calls from recent ADSL converts. Not that he's complaining...

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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