Comcast's FreeWheel revs up 'decisioning' engine for direct and programmatic ads

NEW YORK – Today, FreeWheel, A Comcast Company (Nasdaq: CMCSA), announced the next generation rollout and market-wide Q2 availability of its unified decisioning capability that enables buyers and sellers to seamlessly transact across both direct sold and programmatic advertising. The capability was piloted last year and is now fully operational with enhanced functionality.

NBCUniversal, a global premium video advertising leader, and The Trade Desk, an industry-leading demand-side platform (DSP), are both using FreeWheel's unified decisioning to achieve better results for advertisers.

FreeWheel's unified decisioning capability integrates the once separate direct-sold and programmatic decisioning engines into a holistic, single ad delivery source. FreeWheel built programmatic capabilities, traditionally handled by supply-side platforms (SSPs), into its core software platform in response to shifts within the advertising landscape and an increase in programmatic demand for premium video inventory. Unifying demand into a single source allows more buyers to access high-quality, premium video inventory and drives value for sellers.

FreeWheel's platform offers publishers transparent unification of all demand sources and sales channels. By combining an ad server and SSP into a single system, FreeWheel has the functionality to consider all factors that impact both a publisher's advertising clients and viewers, including:

  • Programmatic demand across multiple sources, including guaranteed deals and private marketplaces
  • Rules, objectives and requirements of the buyer
  • TV-level compliance, such as category and competitive separation requirements
  • High-quality user experience considerations, such as ad repetition and relevance


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