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CableLabs Okays DTCP-IP

LOUISVILLE, Colo. and MORGAN HILL, Calif. -- Working in cooperation with Paramount Pictures Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc., The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. Technical Operations, CableLabs and the Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator (DTLA), LLC, announced today CableLabs’ approval of the DTCP-IP technology for protection of cable content using Internet Protocol for unidirectional and bidirectional digital cable products.

Using DTCP (Digital Transmission Copy Protection)-protected secure links among consumer electronics devices, cable subscribers will be able to enjoy digital cable programming, including high-definition and VOD cable content, on consumer electronics devices and personal computers on digital home networks. The approval permits CableLabs licensees under DFAST, CHILA, and DCAS to protect pay-per-view and video-on-demand transmissions against unauthorized copying and unauthorized internet retransmission, while assuring consumers’ ability to record broadcast and subscription programming, in digital formats, for personal use.

“The agreement we reached today addresses the highly complex concerns raised by the affected parties—cable, content, and consumer electronics— and brings benefits to consumers,” said Dr. Richard R. Green, President and CEO of CableLabs. “Working together we agreed on solutions that meet our respective business needs, and serve the interests of consumers and content providers,” he added.


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