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Jabatan Telekom Brunei and Huawei launch NGN network consolidation program

April 22, 2004

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BRUNEI -- Invited by Jabatan Telekom Brunei (hereinafter “JTB”) and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Huawei”), top managements and experts from 40 carriers of 18 countries and regions throughout the world gathered in Brunei to discuss NGN’s commercial construction, operation and industrialized development. Brunei’s nation-wide NGN network consolidation program (one of the world’s largest customer base NGN commercial networks) of JTB, in cooperation with Huawei, was put into commercial operation on the same day. In the seminar, the commercialization practice of carriers from different parts of the world kept on sending such a message to the industry: the commercialization of NGN is coming and Chinese telecom equipment vendor has been leading in the forefront in this industry.

As the trend of telecom network development, the commercialization of NGN has been started. Carriers from different parts of the world take the NGN commercialization as the strategic focus to develop their networks and to win over customers; how to enable NGN commercial deployment has become a major concern of the industry. Such was the environment, under which this seminar was held. Carriers, equipment vendors, industry researchers & consultants discussed and explored the experience and industry’s developing trend of NGN commercialization, and gave site visits to Brunei’s nation-wide NGN deployment.

In 2003, JTB, cooperating with Huawei, employed NGN technology to implement large-scale network consolidation (with 10,000-line ADSL broadband access network deployed in the meantime) on JTB’s existing PSTN, which used to accommodate 120,000 subscribers. Thus a brand-new next generation network was built, which inherits original telecom services and boasts of strong potentiality for future growth. The former 13 exchanges have been replaced and retrofitted into 2 soft-switch systems, completely solving the problem of high maintenance costs caused by obsolete network technologies, lifting the bottleneck for service development, optimizing networks, greatly improving service capability, and providing multimedia, Centrex, Unified Communications, and other advanced NGN services. The innovative practice of JTB provides valuable experience to other carriers.

Mr. Mark Lower, CEO of EEscape, the largest carrier-class IP network operator in UK, shared his conception of “high reliability, scalable and secure NG carrier-grade IP operation network” in the seminar, and also EEscape’s experience of how to “deliver voice, video services based on unified networks”. In 2003, EEscape cooperated with Huawei to establish its IP-structured NGN network, which has been commercialized successfully.

Mr. David English, Senior VP from PCCW CASCADE, briefed the company’s strategy of introducing NGN to core network by starting from integrated access layer. PCCW has the densest and most developed telecom networks in the industry and large amount of business customers. The conflict between the large quantity of out-of-date equipment and ever-increasing customer demands has become self-evident. By taking combined consideration of actual demands and requirements on access gateway of NGN target networks, PCCW cooperated with Huawei for an implementation of their consolidation program of integrated access.

Mr. Jiang Lintao, Chief Engineer of China Academy of Telecommunications Research of MII described the IP technical standards and its R&D process in China. “China’s telecom industry has been attaching great importance to the research and exploration of NGN carrier-grade solutions, and relevant standard specifications have been accomplished. In such areas as NGN bearer network QoS, the 5th Generation routers and IP V6, rapid development and commercialization are being achieved. Huawei Technologies has been playing a leading role in this aspect,” said Mr. Jiang.

Mr. Bertrand Bidaud, Senior VP of Gartner, commented, “As NGN can cost-effectively enable the convergence of multiple service networks, cut down operating costs and deliver more value-added services, NGN is getting recognized by more and more carriers. Year 2004---2007 would be crucial for global NGN build-out. By 2007, the construction proportion of traditional switches and NG soft switches would be 1:1, bringing great business opportunities for equipment vendors. Huawei Technologies, who grew more than 300% in NGN last year, grabbed the industry’s attention for its preeminent performance in this field.” Just as stated by Mr. Haji Sahralidin Abdul Momin, the Director of Corporate Services in JTB, “The success of JTB’s nation-wide NGN network consolidation program benefited not only from Huawei’s superior technologies, but more importantly, from their rapid response and considerate, quick and detailed services. From network planning, construction, maintenance to service development, Huawei has made joint efforts with JTB in making our success possible.”

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