CTIA 2010: New Product Recap

Here's a handy guide to some of the more significant product announcements from CTIA 2010

April 2, 2010

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CTIA 2010: New Product Recap

In this special feature, we look back at a selection of new telecom products and services announced during, or for, International CTIA Wireless 2010 held on March 23-25 in Las Vegas. Products are classified for easy reference by the following very broad terms:

  • Carrier Transport – includes optical networking, Ethernet, wireless backhaul, and packet optical

  • IP Applications – includes VoIP and IMS, and, in the CTIA context, mobile-device software

  • Switching & Routing – includes IP/MPLS and Deep Packet Inspection

  • Telecom Software – includes OSS, BSS, SDPs, and policy control

  • Wireless Infrastructure – includes access, backhaul, towers, and radios, and, in the CTIA context, mobile-device hardware

This special feature follows the same format as the New Product Recaps for previous months, and is additional to the scheduled March 2010 Recap, which will follow as usual. Please refer to those features for a full explanation on the classification choices and the overall aim of the new-product alerts:

Unlike many of the old grumps in our business, we welcome release announcements from vendors for consideration for inclusion in the next New Product Recap. Please email a copy of the release to [email protected].

Here’s a hyperlinked contents list:

— Tim Hills is a freelance telecommunications writer and journalist. He's a regular author of Light Reading reports.

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MetroNODE 10GE
This packet performance node uses a hardware-based, ultra-low latency architecture to deliver highly-scalable performance monitoring for critical 10-Gigabit Ethernet applications, the company says. In 3G and 4G (LTE and WiMax) backhaul networks, for which its initial feature set is optimized, it can establish and maintain thousands of Y.1731 sessions at the Mobile Switching Center (MSC), providing comprehensive Ethernet Operations, Administration & Maintenance (OAM) coverage.

Adtran Inc. (Nasdaq: ADTN)
NetVanta 8044M
A modular Ethernet access gateway that supports multiple networking technologies from the same device, thus cost effectively adapting to any network topology and easing the migration to high-bandwidth mobile data and video services, the company says. A single 1U-high platform supports Ethernet, fiber, copper, and bonded TDM services with a pay-as-you-grow business model. In addition, carrier-class service offerings are supported by advanced Ethernet quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities. (See Adtran Adds to Ethernet Backhaul.)

Nera Networks AS
Evolution Series XPAND IP
This is a microwave radio platform for wireless backhaul applications. The system has native Ethernet packet support and a full set of Ethernet features including QoS support up to Layer 3, and packet synchronization support via Sync Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2. It includes an Ethernet aggregation node capability, so that up to eight 400-Mbit/s Ethernet links can be integrated for a total throughput of 1.6 Gbit/s. The aggregation node feature also supports both OC3 (155 Mbit/s) Sonet links and T1 connections.

Nokia Networks
FlexiPacket Microwave
A mobile backhaul platform upgrade that combines Carrier Ethernet transport with microwave radio technology-standard Gigabit Ethernet interfaces that allow it to connect directly with existing base stations -- avoiding the need for additional shelters, the company says. The new upgrade is specifically designed to meet microwave backhaul requirements in North America and Japan.

Spirent Communications plc
TestCenter Mobile Backhaul
Tests the performance, QoS, and quality of experience (QoE) of IP/Ethernet enabled mobile backhaul networks and devices. It supports MPLS-TP, including OAM, QoS, and protection functions, and allows testing of SyncE and IEEE 1588 to reduce the risk of dropped calls.

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Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU)
Mobile Wallet Service (MWS)
This is a hosted mobile payment system. It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) turnkey solution that uses an operator’s trusted network to deliver consumer applications such as person-to-person payment, remote ticketing, proximity payment, and m-commerce. These are all aggregated onto a single platform, which has the flexibility to scale, based on consumer demand. It also allows third parties to develop and integrate new applications through an application-enablement API.

Bluestreak Technology Inc.
Flash solutions
Include: (a) Premium Content Consumption – A client-centric DRM, video, and Flash-enabling solution for the consumption of secure monetizable content, such as video and music, for Android devices; (b) Internet Video Delivery – A solution for delivering Internet video content, such as podcasts or user-generated Web videos, on any mobile device; (c) Rich Communication Suites (RCS) – A mobile application solution that unites a variety of mobile messaging functions, e.g., SMS, MMS, email, IM, contacts, calendar, etc., into a single user interface; (d) Broadcast Mobile TV – A live 24/7 TV broadcast service available on portable media players and car entertainment systems with access to ABC, CBS, CNBC, ESPN, Disney, Fox, Nickelodeon, and many others TV channels.

Comprion GmbH
Smart Card Web Server (SCWS) Testing
The SCWS is a Web server implemented on the smart card, enabling users to view content applications in much the same way they would view Web pages. The company has equipped its (U)SIM simulators IT³ Prove! for pre-conformance testing and IT Platform for conformance testing with an SCWS testing option. It supports SCWS simulation based on the respective OMA standards (ETSI TS 102 223, 3GPP TS 31.111, and OMA-Smartcard_ Web_Server-V1_1). Available test benches contain tests for local browsing and the remote administration mechanisms.

Genband Inc.
G9 Converged Gateway
This device has been enhanced through the addition of IMS border gateway functionality. (See Genband Spews News.)

IMS Solution Zones
This IMS product portfolio provides a series of access, interconnect, and media adaptation solutions that support mobile and fixed network transitions to IMS. The portfolio is based essentially on the company's existing products and platforms.Kineto Wireless Inc.
Smart Wi-Fi Application
This application is now available for the Google Android smartphone operating system. It turns existing WiFi access points into seamless extensions of the mobile network, the company says, and integrates with the smartphone’s existing user interface so that subscribers receive the same experience (dialer, contacts list, phone number, billing, etc.) when connected over WiFi or the cellular network.

Motricity Inc.
mCore Marketplace
This managed carrier mobile marketplace service provides consumers with a personalized mobile shopping experience and transforms carrier storefronts into ecosystems where carrier-provided goods and services can be sold alongside a range of third-party goods and services. The company says it offers a complete end-to-end solution, from developer management, content onboarding, and merchandising, to content delivery, billing, and reconciliation. The company has also launched mCore Connect, a single destination for mobile social networking and email, and Campaign Manager, a Web-based mobile marketing product.

Nuance Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: NUAN)
T9 Trace
A continuous-touch input technology that is designed specifically for touchscreen phone and allows users to glide their fingers from one letter to another on their touchscreen QWERTY or touchscreen 12-key keypads, spelling words quickly with no stylus or other implement needed. The enhanced Nuance XT9 version adds word prediction and error correction for faster input.

Total Immersion SA
Markerless Tracking
Enables an Augmented Reality application to use natural targets to trigger the augmented reality experience on a mobile device. The company notes that Augmented Reality technologies are blending interactive 3D graphics into real-time video captured via mobile phones.

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Cradlepoint Inc.
This broadband adapter forms part of the company's All-Connected series of routers, and allows businesses and branch offices to add 3G/4G broadband connectivity as a backup to their existing fixed access. The adapter uses Power-Over-Ethernet to allow the use of existing CAT-5 cabling to bring the connection to the server room.

Nokia Networks
Flexi Network Gateway (NG) and Serving GPRS Support Node (SGSN)
This traffic-offload upgrade allows operators to offload Internet traffic at an optimal point in the network – typically close to an Internet peering point – in order to minimize the distance it is transported and to save transport and traffic processing costs. The network architecture for traffic offload is the simplest possible, the company claims. As offloading takes place in the Flexi NG mobile gateway, it does not require additional network elements along the signaling and data paths. The solution supports subscriber mobility in an optimal manner and can reduce delays in data transmission to improve the experience for people using real-time applications over mobile networks.

Tellabs Inc. (Nasdaq: TLAB; Frankfurt: BTLA)
Smart GGSN
This gateway GPRS support node is based on the company's SmartCore 9100 Platform, and can run concurrent 3G GGSN and 4G packet core applications, allowing a transition, through a software upgrade, from 3G GGSNs to an evolved 4G packet core. It also adds intelligence to improve network control for mobile carriers, allowing them to prioritize critical traffic; gain real-time insights into what mobile Internet users are doing, in order to manage, tailor and improve the user experience; and create a two-sided revenue model by monetizing off-portal services and content.

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AirKast Inc.
This digital media delivery platform now offers geo-location-based in-app advertising capabilities for advertisers and brands, and support for Android mobile devices.

Bytemobile Inc.
Unison Mobile Internet Platform
New capabilities extend network-based optimization to smartphone-based applications and automatic software updates. The new auto-update capability enables operators to control download rates based on network congestion, resulting in significant data reduction across this traffic type, the company says.

Kentrox LLC
This site-security video monitoring system enables carriers to monitor thousands of unmanned cell sites. Features include: (a) video and image storage flexibility to obtain the images only as needed; (b) image storage not required at each site; (c) stored images downloadable for viewing, sharing, or archiving; and (d) Power over Ethernet for consistent and convenient camera power when used in combination with the Remote RMX-3200.

Metrico Wireless Inc.
Metrico Mobile Experience
A program of third-party data on performance of mobile devices that will evaluate the performance of all smartphones and popular feature phones sold by the big four US carriers immediately after these devices are commercially launched. The company will run the devices through a combination of multiple market field and lab evaluations.

NewBay Software Ltd.
LifeCache Notifier v2.0
Provides a telco-grade platform to deliver real-time activity updates across multiple communication services and devices. It alerts users on new activity from social networks, updates from cloud services, advertisements, and new instant messages. Notifications are delivered to multiple devices such as desktop, handset, and TV, and are dynamic, providing flexibility for the user to manage the degree and nature of updates received, e.g., frequency, delivery channel, notification type, and filters. Users can also control from which services and groups of friends they receive notifications and the length of time updates remain on the device screen.

Openwave Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: OPWV)
Passport 3.0
This enhanced traffic mediation system is designed to help operators more effectively manage network resources and tap into new revenue streams by offering subscribers personalized, context-aware Internet services. It allows a range of different data access plans, from a monthly recurring plan with specified fair-usage limits to a more flexible pay-as-you-go, time-based pass. The system monitors users' activity (by time or traffic volume) and can proactively inform them of appropriate events such as allocated quotas being reached, changes to their service plan, new data charges that may apply, or new services that may be of interest. Subscribers may also manage their service plans directly with on-demand access to time and/or volume meters and options for extensions or upgrades.

Smart User Repository
A user data storage solution that offers high-speed, low-latency user profile and policy access that is specifically designed to assist operators in managing their increasing data traffic. It is an excellent candidate for operators’ 3GPP user profile repository (UPR) and user data repository (UDR) requirements, the company says. The decoupling of read and write operations used by the system can provide a lightweight Master/Replica architecture, which allows for separate scaling of these characteristics as needs arise. Replicas can be diskless for better performance and lower cost.

Siterra Corp.
Siterra+ Mobile
This mobile application is designed to help users access account information, create incident reports, and do a more efficient job of maintaining and managing their leases, towers, and other wireless assets while on location, according to the company. It is now being offered to customers who are currently using Siterra+ online software.

Sybase Inc.
Sybase Operator Analytics 365
This hosted service for messaging traffic analysis provides a range of reports including message traffic, network utilization, performance indicators, and QoS testing. By performing advanced analytics on the message traffic mobile operators send across the Sybase 365 global network, operators can monitor key network components, allowing them to provision their networks to better serve traffic spikes and let users view performance trends, analyze system history, and track error messages, the company says. It has a simple point-and-click interface.

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ADC (Nasdaq: ADCT)
InterReach Spectrum
The company says that this is the first active distributed antenna system (DAS) that delivers up to eight mobile frequencies in a single system. It has modular system hubs with plug-in radio cards and the ability to use indoor or outdoor remote units. Its digital transport technology provides scalability to support urban, suburban, and campus areas, and supports multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) configurations to maximize spectrum use for LTE and other advanced mobile broadband protocols, the company says. Expansion units can be cascaded to connect hundreds of antennas, and fiber between host and expansion units can deliver signals up to 20km.

AirWalk Communications Inc.
EdgePoint PRO
This femtocell access point utilizes a dualmode platform, combining both 1xRTT and 1xEV-DO Rev. The vendor says it gives full in-building cellular capabilities while offering seamless hand-off and hand-in functionality with the macro network. Advanced application software integrates voice and data functions by controlling radio performance management and self-configuration into a unit that can scale from a single enterprise installation to multiple unit clusters capable of supporting large enterprises, public venues, or industrial compounds.

Anritsu Corp.
Cell Master MT8213E
This base station analyzer provides frequency coverage up to 6GHz and combines good noise and RF performance, and 10MHz demodulation bandwidth, in a compact, lightweight design. It is suitable for cell-site technicians who need to accurately and quickly test and verify the performance of installed 2G/3G/4G networks, including LTE, GSM/EDGE, W-CDMA/HSDPA, WiMax, and CDMA/EV-DO. It integrates a 6GHz two-port cable and antenna analyzer and 6GHz spectrum analyzer, as well as a power meter, interference analyzer, channel scanner, and T1, E1, and T1/T3 backhaul analyzers.

Benetel Ltd.
This femtocell mass-production test system provides a flexible hardware and software platform, which enables OEMs and femtocell manufacturers to scale femtocell production from NPI through pilot production and on to full mass production, and can test four femtocell units in parallel. It supports CDMA2000, UMTS, and HSPA, and HSPA+, LTE, and WiMax are planned for the future. Features include: (a) configurability to all major test instruments; (b) UMTS and CDMA femtocell test profiles available; (c) test speed maximized with automated test fixtures and parallel test plans; (d) OTA testing in mass production; and (e} remote login support.

Cinterion Wireless Modules GmbH
An automotive wireless module optimized for rugged automotive application environments, the module includes solderable LGA surface-mounting technology for efficient, fully automated manufacturing and process consistency as well as advanced telematics features and functionality, the company says. It meets the requirements of the European eCall initiative and is suited for ITS applications such toll collect, telematics, fleet management, and emergency call and roadside assistance solutions. It provides GPRS class 12 data speeds on 2G quad-band frequencies (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) for worldwide coverage. Other features are: (a) full TCP/IP support (TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3); (b) industrial interfaces (USB, 2x serial, SPI, I2C); (c) RLS monitoring / jamming detection; and (d) advanced temperature management, operating range -40°C to +85°.

Comprion GmbH
CLF Tester Prove 2 and CLT One
This SWP/HCI/NFC test solution now supports test cases based on the recently approved HCI terminal test specifications ETSI TS 102 695-1 and ETSI TS 102 695-3.

Mini-UICC Adaptor
Turns the new, small Mini-UICC or 3FF SIM card into the plug-in format to allow it to be used in existing mobile phones. The company also provides new flex adaptors for connecting its test tools for smartcard interfaces to the new 3FF format.

SIMfony for CDMA2000
Combines two test systems: Comprion’s R-UIM/CSIM simulator IT³ Test Platform for conformance testing, and the network simulator Spirent AirAccess C2K. Alternatively, the terminal tester IT³ Prove! for pre-conformance testing can be used within the system. The system also supports CSIM simulation and translation. CSIM is the CDMA2000 application for CDMA2000 network operation residing on the UICC.

This LTE/USIM handset conformance testing system supports tests according to the 3GPP TS 31.121 USIM Rel-8.

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InvisiTrack Inc.
InvisiTrack Location System (LS)
Offers an indoor/outdoor location positioning, ranging, and navigation solution that requires no fixed infrastructure and can be integrated into mobile phones and TV-band-based products. The system utilizes TV bands to increase signal range by up to a factor of 10 over that of legacy location methods, the company says, to work in many environments where higher frequency solutions do not, and to provide accurate location fixes with resolutions of less than 3m indoors and 1m outdoors.

Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT)
CPEi 825
This WiMax broadband modem supports data and voice with an integrated voice over IP (VoIP) port and features MIMO functionality, a highly sensitive receiver, omni-directional performance, high-power output, and high-gain polarized antennas with switched transmit diversity. It has one data port and one voice access port, and also a firewall, and supports remote management capability, allowing management and health monitoring of the devices from a standards-based centralized device management server, such as OMA-DM or TR-069 platforms.

This push-to-talk Android smartphone is claimed as a world first for this OS and the first iDEN device to carry the features of a modern smartphone including a 3.1-inch touch screen, WiFi, and optimized browsing experience with the latest Opera Mini 5 browser.

Powerwave Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: PWAV)
Advanced Diagnostic Module (ADM)
Provides wireless operators with real-time diagnostic capabilities to optimize network performance, improve wireless network uptime, and reduce maintenance costs. Designed for indoor applications, and supporting CDMA and 1xEV-DO (with GSM/EDGE, WCDMA, and OFDMA future options), the ADM provides base station diagnostic capabilities for RF equipment residing outside the base station cabinet. With the ADM, operators can remotely monitor and optimize forward and reverse link signals between the base transceiver station and third-party equipment, as well as between third-party equipment and antennas.

LTE Digital Remote Radio Heads
These include two new products optimized for use in 700MHz and 2.1GHz bands for 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) network deployments. With a small, lightweight form factor weighing less than 13kg, they can be physically mated to baseband subassemblies to form tower-mounted macro base stations that support up to three LTE carriers, and can be tower- or rooftop-mounted. The digital remote radio head is highly configurable via firmware.

Nexus FT 700 MHZ LTE Repeaters
These 700MHz wideband single- and dual-band repeaters support 4G 3GPP LTE wireless network deployments. They are designed to maintain QoS and to support new mobile data services within current in-building coverage systems, the company says.

RapidFlex Mobile Deployment Unit
Provides a lightweight, compact mobile communications site capable of being deployed within 30 minutes by a single person, the company claims. It is designed to provide commercial network operators or third-party vertical market integrators with a cost-effective solution for expanded wireless capacity, and is especially appropriate for addressing "gray area" coverage areas where wireless service is spotty or non-existent and where service providers must still comply with FCC mandates, including Enhanced 911 (E911).

Public Wireless Inc.
Colo-Node HSPA
A metro femtocell solution specifically designed for outdoor hotspot locations. It automatically complements the existing macro network and adapts to changes in the adjacent macro and femtocell networks. It provides capacity relief for congested macro networks, and backhauls over the ubiquitous, low-cost IP infrastructure already deployed – typically cable or DSL. A single metro femtocell provides a range of up to 2km at pedestrian and vehicular speeds. Each unit contains up to four Ubiquisys femtocell modules, each with 16 calls / 14.4-Mbit/s HSPA data capacity. The modules are powered by Ubiquisys Femto-Engine software, which ensures adaptive compatibility with the macro network and provides handover with other femtocells and the macro network for service continuity.

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Sequans Communications
This LTE baseband SOC complies with the 3GPP R8 standard, supporting UE Category 3 throughput of 100 Mbit/s in a 20MHz channel, and LTE band classes 38 and 40. It is integrated with RF provided by the company's partners.

Taoglas Ltd.
This GPS antenna is an embedded, active, 35x35mm device for compromised environments where next-generation miniature tracking devices are placed, deep inside vehicles and assets, eliminating the need for an external antenna. It uses a high-grade ceramic and is 5.5mm thick. With its own ground-plane, it can hover over the main-board of the device, allowing for a much higher gain and resistance to noise than passive patch antennas. In addition, it does not take up valuable board space. Combining high-zenith gain and low-axial ratio, the antenna can now pick up very weak signals at low elevation satellites.

Ubiquisys Ltd.
A femtocell that supports UMTS bands I, II, and V, making it suitable for the majority of operators in North, Central and South America, Europe, and Asia, the company says. It includes Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Assisted GPS (A-GPS) options, and can support 16 simultaneous calls, with data speeds of 14.4-Mbit/s downlink and 5.7-Mbit/s uplink, and a picocell-class 24dBm radio. Femto-Engine software enables G34 femtocells to autonomously communicate with their femto neighbors to create a self-organizing network (SON).

Vecima Networks Inc. (Toronto: VCM)
This rugged connectorized subscriber radio features an N-connector for attachment to external antenna, small footprint, plug-and-play connectivity, adaptive modulation, enhanced Web-based GUI, dynamic polling MAC, and PoE. It delivers a 13.5-Mbit/s over-the-air data rate with up to 8-Mbit/s usable data throughput for a single subscriber, all in a 5.5MHz channel size.

Wi-Ex Inc.
This is a single-room cellphone signal booster that requires no external access for the receiving antenna and no vertical separation. It is dual band (800MHz and 1900 MHz), and the company says that it is the first consumer-based cellphone signal booster designed to meet the needs of the urban dwellers, including condos, apartments, and other single-story living areas.

— Tim Hills is a freelance telecommunications writer and journalist. He's a regular author of Light Reading reports.

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Evolved Packet Core is quickly emerging as the linchpin for mobile networks moving into the 4G era, and mobile operators are now starting to crank up their efforts to understand EPC and the implications it has for their network plans. Light Reading and its Heavy Reading research unit have created a brand-new program to help you pinpoint exactly where your company stands in the race to embrace EPC and related technologies. How does your company’s EPC readiness compare with the competition's? To find out, just take a few minutes to complete our EPC Benchmark questionnaire by following this link: www.lightreading.com/evolved-packet-core-benchmark-survey.asp.

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